Magna-Tiles on Project Runway

Magna-Tiles were seen on Project Runway All Stars: Unconventional Challenge!

Designer Christopher Palu created a cool (symmetrical) neckline and clutch with Magna-Tiles in his winning fashion on the Lifetime television series “Project Runway All Stars”!

The Unconventional Challenge was to use materials found in an elementary school classroom. Christopher found Magna-Tiles! The design process begins with a sketch! It seems as though he was looking for something colorful to add to his black piece… Magna-Tiles Clear Colors!

Valtech Magna-Tiles Project Runway (2)

Magna-Tiles on the runway! The clutch is the shape of a triangular prism:

The neckline has a symmetrical pattern! Below is the designer seen wearing Magna-Tiles on his wrist:

Valtech Magna-Tiles Project Runway (3)

View even more pictures of Magna-Tiles Fashion on our Tumblr page!

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