5 Magna-Tiles® House Set Creations to Inspire You!

The possibilities are endless with our new Magna-Tiles® 28-piece House Set! With the addition of two staircases and a door, you can now “click” together a house, castle, apartment or mansion for your favorite dolls and action figures! Don’t forget to top off your creation with some decor and accessories using the included sticker set!

What’s even more fun? Combining the House set with other Magna-Tiles® sets like Stardust to create a glittery wallpaper or Magna-Qubix™ to construct a basketball hoop or garden. 

Let your child be the maker of their own world! Browse our gallery for House set inspirations and be sure to share yours on social media using #magnatiles and #magnaqubix for a chance to be featured!


Click here to shop the Magna-Tiles® 28-piece House Set.


Photo credits: @shoptadpole

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