4 Ways to Integrate Magna-Tiles® in Holiday Celebrations and Decorations

Another year has come and gone, and it’s hard to believe that it’s already time to decorate for the holidays. And if you have children in the family, it’s a safe bet that they’re just as excited for the holidays as you are – if not more thrilled by the magic and wonder that accompanies the season! To help you capitalize on your entire family’s anticipation, Magna-Tiles® offers these four ideas for incorporating our vibrant magnetic blocks for kids into your holiday décor and celebrations.

1. Recreate Holiday Movie Scenes

Whether your family members are fans of the traditional classics or modern marvels, watching holiday movies is a quintessential component to celebrating the season. While you’re enjoying your favorite films this year, break out either a Magna-Tiles® or Magna-Qubix® set and recreate your favorite scenes. For example, if you’re streaming Miracle on 34th Street, use our magnetic shapes to create a gavel and courtroom bench, and then watch as your children pretend to act as Santa, his lawyer, and the judge. The possibilities are truly endless.

2. Create Train Tracks for the Tree

All Magna-Tiles® sets are built with durable, food-grade ABS plastic that’s resistant to scratches, dents, and other damage. This makes them the perfect choice for creating brilliantly colored train tracks to wrap around your tree this year. Simply “click” together our magnetic squares, triangles, and other shapes to create a unique track that won’t show signs of wear and tear – even after your train set takes hundreds of laps. And if you have our Magna-Tiles® Cars 2-Piece Expansion Set, it can be used as the “train set” on your tracks.  Not only will your kids love putting it together, but you’ll impress your virtual guests on the big day as you show off their creativity on FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.

3. Build Your Favorite Seasonal Characters

From Santa and Mrs. Claus to Frosty the Snowman, the possibilities are endless in terms of the fun-loving holiday characters you can create with Magna-Tiles®. Depict the Grinch and his dog, Max, stealing Christmas on an overloaded sleigh, or make Buddy from Elf and dress him up in a festive costume afterward. No matter what you choose, the strong bonds formed by each magnet enable your creations to stay completely intact, making them great additions to your mantle, coffee table, bathroom vanity, and many other spots around your home.

4. Make a Stunning Centerpiece

Though your gathering may be much smaller than normal this year, the members of your household will love gathering around the table after building a one-of-a-kind centerpiece out of Magna-Tiles®. Our pieces look just like stained glass, and many Magna-Tiles® sets contain more than enough pieces to let your family’s inner creativity shine. Give one of these suggestions a try:

  • Build a vase and insert faux pinecones, cranberries, and pine needles.
  • Use red and green Magna-Tiles® to create a basket, where you can place your favorite ornaments and bows.
  • Construct the first three walls of a box, and before closing it up with the fourth, insert battery-operated string lights for a unique take on a holiday lantern.

Don’t forget that the high-quality magnets holding each tile together can be used for decorating purposes as well! For instance, if you’re creating a miniature tree for your table, the magnets can hold metal jingle bells or ornaments while dressing your work of art for the occasion. For more ideas on how to incorporate our magnetic building toys for kids into your holiday celebrations and décor, contact Magna-Tiles® today.