5 Ways to Make Sense of the World with Magna-Tiles®

Help your children understand the world with Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®!

When children engage in imaginative play with toys like Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®, they have the freedom to explore and apply what they’re creating and learning to the environment around them. Here are a few ideas that you can use to help your children understand the world with Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®:

1. Recognize and Identify Shapes

Have your children identify the five basic shapes from the Magna-Tiles® set and then create more complex shapes by putting several different tiles together. Then, consider where your children might see these basic shapes in their environment. For example, was their sandwich at lunch cut in a diagonal, creating two triangles? What shapes do they see in traffic signs when in the car? What shapes do they see in the structure of their house or school building?

2. Patterning Skills

Develop pattern recognition with Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® by creating patterns for them to help finish. Click here for a pattern recognition lesson plan. Then, show your children patterns that they might see in everyday objects such as soccer balls, floor tiles, wallpapers, blankets and clothing.

3. Color Mixing

Hold your Magna-Tiles® up to the sky or a light to experiment with overlapping two colors. Help your children learn that mixing two colors creates a new color. Then, point out colors in the room and ask your children to share what two colors were combined to make orange, purple, green or gray.

4. Symmetry in Nature

Have your children play with Magna-Tiles® or Magna-Qubix® and a mirror so they can see how the shapes are reflected. Then, help them recognize objects in their lives that are symmetrical such as butterflies, leaves and faces.

5. Storytelling

Read a book and have your children recreate a scene from the story. Allow them to incorporate Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® with some of their other favorite toys to create characters and set the scene.


These are a just a few ways that you can help children learn more about the world around them with Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®. You’ll find that as your children engage in educational, imaginative play, they’ll ask questions, develop vital skills and activate their critical thinking and creativity.

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