Back to School with Magna-Tiles®

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you want your children to explore and create while developing valuable skills. Stock up your classroom or playroom this year with Magna-Tiles®, the educational magnetic construction toys where science, math, and creativity meet. Here, we share tips, resources, and more information for using magnetic shapes from Magna-Tiles® this back-to-school season.

Magna-Tiles® Assist in Educating

Help the children around you develop creativity and an interest in hands-on learning while reducing screen-time by using magnetic shapes from Magna-Tiles®. Our durable magnetic shapes are safe for all ages to use, and they help kids to learn and develop many important skills by combining principles of math, science, and creativity. These skills include:

Magna-Tiles® have the advantage of being suitable and engaging for children of all ages. Through play and exploration, children can acquire both basic abilities as well as more complicated STEM ideas as they grow older. Our magnetic building sets are made from non-toxic materials, including food-grade ABS plastic and neodymium magnets so they offer long-lasting durability in your classroom or home. All Magna-Tiles® sets are compatible with another, so can add to your collection to make sure you have enough pieces for all of your students to learn and play.

We offer both activity downloads and lesson plans to aid teachers and parents in educating. Our educator resources feature downloadable ABC and number cards to practice writing, letter recognition, and more. Our lesson plans each include a list of supplies, detailed directions, objectives, and STEM integrations to enhance learning. With the combination of Magna-Tiles® and our educator resources, you’ll be sure to keep your students or children engaged and developing skills that will serve them in their future education.

Magna-Tiles® Foster Creativity

Magna-Tiles® not only help with developing vital skills but also push your child to be creative, explore new ideas, and spend less time on screens. Our magnetic blocks encourage children to design, build, and learn with handheld pieces in an age when tablets dominate spare time. Our toys are designed for open-ended play, which means they come without instructions to encourage your children to use their imaginations to build and create.

Magna-Tiles® are the perfect toy to have in classrooms, playrooms, daycares, and anywhere else you want children to develop skills while experiencing creative and fun play. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to create with Magna-Tiles®, consider purchasing our Magna-Tiles™ Play Book: Inspiring Creativity. This workbook provides more than 150 activities, challenges, and ideas from Magna-Tiles® creators around the world, with chapters for both beginners and advanced users, along with STEM learning activities. You can also visit our Idea Gallery to get inspiration on construction and education ideas from others, or visit our social media platforms to share your own #magnatiles moments to inspire someone else.

Utilize Magna-Tiles® This School Year

Back-to-school season doesn’t have to be stressful when you choose the educational magnetic construction toys where science, math, and creativity meet. Use Magna-Tiles® in your classroom or playroom this school year to teach your children vital life skills while fostering creativity and reducing screen-time. For more information, contact Magna-Tiles® today.