Build the Castle from Your Favorite Movie with Magna-Tiles®

Thrilling scenes, memorable moments, and beloved characters — movies are great for inspiring little ones to create their own adventures and seeing playtime in a whole new light. Bring some of that movie magic into your playroom with a Magna-Tiles® castle from your favorite film. Using your magnetic blocks and a little imagination, your little builders can create the castles of their dreams.

Step 1: Start with a Stable Foundation

Are you crafting an ice palace that sits high on a mountaintop or a fortress where noble knights can stand guard over a distant land? Work in monochrome hues or a rainbow of colors. Each set of Magna-Tiles® offers a wide range of pieces to choose from, providing endless opportunities for imaginative playroom construction.

Start by creating a base with the largest tiles in your collection— they can help keep your castle stable on carpeting and offer additional connection points for any add-ons later. From there, connect the square tiles vertically to frame out the walls and towers that make up the main portions of your palace, and link them horizontally with a network of tunnels and hallways. Thanks to the magnetic click-together connections, it’s easy to add trap doors to your towers to trick infiltrating villains and a grand entry point for the royal family.

Step 2: Put the Finishing Touches on Your Masterpiece

Now that your framework is complete, the fun begins. Using the accent pieces, your Magna-Tiles® castle can look as magnificent as can be. Take stock of the tiles you have remaining in your collection, such as:

  • Quarter-circles
  • Triangles
  • Arches
  • Stairs
  • Windows
  • Doors

Create paths between towers using the staircases, and add peaks to the roofs and embellishments along the battlements. Your princesses can daydream of life beyond the castle walls through the windows along the towers, and your knights can stand guard along the perimeter. Strategically placed, glow-in-the-dark Magna-Tiles® are perfect for creating hidden messages that will add to the mystery behind each of your playtime adventures.

Step 3: Create a Whole New World

Now that your structure is complete, it’s time to set the scene with additional features. Extra tiles and Magna-Qubix® are great for crafting imaginative elements, including:

  • Mazes and pathways
  • Moats and lava pits
  • Carriages
  • Stables
  • Fencing
  • Trees and flowers
  • Forest animals
  • And more…

When it comes to acting out your favorite movie moments, characters help bring each imaginative story to life. Dig those small figurines out of your toy box and place them inside your Magna-Tiles® castle. If you don’t have any on hand that will work, simply attach small printouts of your favorite heroes and villains to a few of your extra tiles. The photos add an element of realism to your reenactments, and the magnetic frame makes it easy to position them in and around your structure.

Set the Stage for More Movie Magic

As the sun sets on a fun-filled afternoon of unstructured, open-ended play, peruse our Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity to scout out ways to bring your next big adventure to life. Showcase your Magna-Tiles® castle on social media to our online community, and gain some more inspiration for future #magnatiles moments from our Idea Gallery. For help getting started, contact us today.