Building a 3D City with Magna-Qubix®

If you leave a child alone with a set of Magna-Qubix®, there is no telling what they might create! One of the most popular activities children ages three and up enjoy is building a 3D city with Magna-Qubix® magnetic shapes. While they learn about the buildings found in a bustling city, they’ll also be enhancing their geometry and architecture skills, and most importantly, having a blast! Here, Magna-Tiles® explains how to use Magna-Qubix® sets to build a 3D metropolis scene and enable your child to become the mayor of their very own city.

Making a 3D City with Magna-Qubix®

When it comes to designing a 3D city, the possibilities are endless with Magna-Qubix®! All you need to do is supply your child with a set of colorful Magna-Qubix® pieces and watch as they build a unique 3D city from the ground up. The following features are just a few of the city-like structures that can be constructed using Magna-Qubix®:

Roads with Cars

One of the first steps to constructing any city is to ensure there are roads for cars to travel on. The nice thing about creating their own city is that your children can make the roads any color they want! Combine Magna-Qubix® with our Magna-Tiles® Cars 2-Piece Expansion Set will enable your child to have fire trucks, taxis, and ambulances driving throughout their 3D city.

Tall Buildings

Once your roads are installed, it’s time to add some sleek skyscrapers. Tall buildings can be built by stacking Magna-Qubix® high into the sky. You and your child can construct the building’s frame with blue or red blocks and use clear blocks for the windows for a realistic effect. Give your buildings extra character and architectural design by adding square or rectangular pyramids to the tops.

Houses and Apartments

Provide comfortable living accommodations for the city’s residents by adding a quaint row of colorful homes or apartment buildings. Combine Magna-Qubix® with Magna-Tiles® pieces for the walls, and use Magna-Tiles® for the pitched roof.

Train Station with a Locomotive

Travelers need a convenient way to travel to and from your city. A train can be constructed using our car expansion set’s wheeled chassis as the base. Then, use a hexagonal prism for the locomotive, and click together a long line of cubes and rectangular prisms for the rail cars. And don’t forget to build a station and tracks!

Waterfront with Sailboats

No city is complete without a waterfront area with sailboats in view! Use blue construction paper or tiles for the water, then add the watercraft of your choice. For instance, this sailboat was built using our equilateral, isosceles, and right triangle magnetic shapes, and it’s easy for you and your children to replicate.

Empower Your Children to Construct a 3D City with Magna-Qubix®

When your child builds a 3D city with Magna-Qubix®, they will be developing their STEM skills and having fun at the same time. And however your child decides to create their 3D city, they will have a sense of pride as they unknowingly hone their design and architectural abilities. In an era where our children’s free time and education is increasingly dominated by a screen, a hands-on, interactive activity – like this one – is a different way for students to learn and provides a welcome departure from the norm. To find out more about our products, contact Magna-Tiles® today.