Building Vehicles with Magna-Qubix®

The 3D member of the Magna-Tiles® family, Magna-Qubix® magnetic shapes are available in 19-piece, 29-piece, and 85-piece sets. No matter which is in your child’s toy collection, these tiles are ideal for constructing toy cars thanks to each set’s array of pyramids, cubes, and prisms in vibrant colors. Whether your child dreams of becoming a racecar driver or is still learning to recognize shapes and patterns, building Magna-Tiles® vehicles with Magna-Qubix® pieces can help them bring their creativity to life while practicing spatial and tactile skills, critical thinking, and more. Here’s a closer look at how to build vehicles with Magna-Qubix®.

Choose Your Vehicle

With the 3D magnetic shapes in every Magna-Qubix® set, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to building the vehicles created in your children’s imaginations. Just a few of the most popular vehicles to build with Magna-Qubix® include:

  • Sports cars
  • Mail trucks
  • Fire engines
  • Ambulances
  • Trains
  • Helicopters
  • Buses
  • Airplanes
  • Police cars
  • Construction vehicles
  • Rockets or spaceships
  • And many more…

Build the Body

Every Magna-Qubix® set contains a mixture of the following shapes, which are all ideal for constructing the body of your Magna-Tiles® vehicle:

  • Rectangular prisms
  • Hexagonal prisms
  • Triangular prisms
  • Square pyramids
  • Cubes

This step in the process is truly where your children can begin to flex their creative muscles and put their critical thinking skills to the test. After deciding on a color scheme for their 3D vehicle, your kids will be tasked with figuring out which shapes need to be “clicked” together to achieve the vision they have in mind. For example, a train car’s body can be simply constructed by connecting cubes together to form a box, while something more complex like an airplane will require multiple shapes to create the nose, wings, and other components.

Add the Wheels

The body of your vehicle now needs wheels! Magna-Qubix® sets are compatible with all Magna-Tiles® building sets, meaning your creation can acquire the finishing touch it needs by attaching it to the Magna-Tiles® Cars 2-Piece Expansion Set. This set contains a pair of magnetic, wheeled chassis that can support the body of your vehicle through hours of playtime, long after the construction phase is over. Thanks to the wheels, the finished product can then function as any other toy vehicle, especially if you’re planning on creating an epic toy car race track with Magna-Tiles®.

Why Choose Magna-Qubix®?

While Magna-Qubix® magnetic shapes make it easier than ever to construct the vehicle of your child’s dreams, this activity also offers a host of benefits related to product quality and your child’s learning and development. These include:

  • Manufactured with press-sealed pieces for longevity and food-grade, non-toxic ABS plastic that’s free of latex, phthalates, and BPA
  • Resistant to fading, scratches, dents, and other damage related to years of energetic play
  • Powerful neodymium magnets that keep creations intact for other activities
  • Opportunity to practice critical thinking, develop spatial and tactile skills, and be exposed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) topics
  • And more…

To learn more about building Magna-Tiles® vehicles with Magna-Qubix®, contact us today.