Cooking with Magna-Tiles®

Imagination is the hallmark of childhood, and being able to express their innermost wonders is an important part of development for young children. While it’s crucial for them to develop critical thinking and fine motor skills, a child should always feel like they have an outlet through which they can act upon those creative ideas. That’s why having magnetic building blocks like Magna-Tiles® is a great thing to have at home and in the classroom. With dozens of shapes and colors, your children will get right to work building cars, houses, and anything else they can think of. You can even teach them about food, nutrition, and cooking the safe and easy way using Magna-Tiles® – here’s how.

Create Desserts and Other Sweet Treats

Every child has a sweet tooth, and whatever it is they enjoy having for dessert, they now can build it with our magnetic shapes. For instance, ice cream is always a crowd-pleaser, and it’s really easy to build with these instructions from Magna-Tiles®:

Pieces You’ll Need

  • Two quarter circles
  • Four equilateral triangles

Steps to Follow

  1. Take the four equilateral triangles and arrange them so they form a single, larger triangle.
  2. Combine your two-quarter circles to make a half-circle.
  3. Connect the flat side of the half-circle to the bottom of the triangle.

There you have it – a quick and easy ice cream cone. Using other magnetic shapes like small and large squares, circles, and rectangles you can make lollipops, popsicles, and tons of other sweets or even toppings for a creative ice cream sundae.

Learning about Fruits and Vegetables

Whether they’re just learning about foods or are starting to familiarize themselves with specific food groups, giving children the ability to create the food they’re learning about is a great way to reinforce important lessons about nutrition. By creating fruits and vegetables from Magna-Tiles®, children not only work on a variety of skills but also have a blast while learning about healthy foods. If you’re not sure where to start, give this carrot activity a try:

Pieces You’ll Need

  • Nine yellow/orange isosceles triangles
  • Two green isosceles triangles

Steps to Follow

  1. Place three yellow/orange pieces with the long point facing down, leaving two open spaces in the middle.
  2. Fill in those two spaces with two more yellow/orange isosceles triangles. This should leave you with two flat surfaces on the top and bottom.
  3. Take another two yellow/orange triangles and place them with the tip facing down, creating a space in between.
  4. Place an additional yellow/orange triangle in the middle with the point facing up.
  5. Place the final yellow/orange triangle on the flat end at the bottom. This forms the body of the carrot.
  6. Lastly, take your two green triangles and place them on the top of the carrot, creating the leaves.

You can also make a pineapple using 16 equilateral triangles, 24 small squares, and a few isosceles triangles!

Making Pizza – Without the Mess

Making pizza at home is always an adventure, and it’s a great way to learn about cooking. For this Magna-Tiles® activity, you will need 10-15 isosceles triangles. From here, place the triangles on one side, and after the third or fourth stack, you’ll notice a curve. Keep placing the triangles until there’s a perfect circle made of isosceles triangles. The best part is each triangle can act as an individual slice. For a little extra fun kitchen magic, make a pizza out of orange isosceles triangles ahead of time and put it in a drawer – this will act as your oven. Then, once your child has made their pizza out of yellow triangles, place it in the “oven” and after a few minutes take out the one you’d already prepared so it looks like the pizza was cooking.

For more fun activities and ideas, contact Magna-Tiles®, and shop online today.