Create an Epic Toy Car Race Track with Magna-Tiles®

Drivers, start your engines – it’s time for racing adventure! Kids love racing their favorite toy cars, but a pre-designed course only offers so many options for fun. With Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes, children can design a custom race track with all the twists, turns, and downhill runs they can imagine. As they do, they’ll also develop essential STEM skills and fuel creativity with a one-of-a-kind creation.

Ready, Set, Go with a Magna-Tiles® Race Track

To get started, you’ll need a selection of shapes from any Magna-Tiles® building sets. Once you’ve gathered the necessary shapes, ask children to sketch out their plans. Encourage them to talk through the design and tell you about the course. What kind of obstacles will the cars have to pass over, under, and around? Doing so encourages them to think big and get excited about their project.

As they build, ask them to identify the shapes that create the following features:

  • Tunnels (a series of cubes or pyramids)
  • Ramps (pyramids)
  • Curves (triangles combined to form a round shape)
  • Bridges (squares that form a platform)
  • Garage (A series of squares & right triangles that combine to form the car garage)

This is also a good time to talk about related concepts they’ll see in action as they build the track and unleash their cars on the finished course. Some ideas include:

  • Physics: Why do the cars speed up when gilding down ramps, yet slow quickly on straight paths? Explain the concept of acceleration in age-appropriate terms, and experiment with cars of different sizes and shapes.
  • Architecture: As bridges stretch longer and ramps grow higher, they’ll likely require added support between the terminating ends. Discuss what makes a structure stable and try out different designs to see which provides the most support.
  • Problem-solving: Squares and triangles alone may not create some of the intricate paths a child has in mind. Help them combine simple shapes into complex ones and determine the most efficient way to do so. What’s the smallest number of magnetic tiles they can use?

A Magna-Tiles® race track is fun to use with any toy vehicle, but kids can go the extra mile and create unique cars as well. The Magna-Tiles® Metropolis 110-Piece Set and Magna-Tiles® Cars 2-Piece Extension Set each includes wheeled chassis for designing unique vehicles to follow the race track.

Why Choose Magna-Tiles® for Your Race Track?

With their simple design and eye-catching colors, our magnetic shapes are hard to resist for kids of all ages – and adults too! Every Magna-Tiles® shape is 100% interchangeable and can work with tiles from any other set, including our Magna-Qubix® blocks. This makes them ideal not only for free play without screens, but for a wide range of learning activities that include math, science, colors, shapes, critical thinking, and more. And because they’re just the right size for little hands, Magna-Tiles® are also perfect for developing fine motor skills.

Our magnetic tiles are just as safe as they are fun and educational, and parents and teachers can feel good about sharing them with children. Each shape is constructed with food-grade ABS plastic and contains no latex, phthalates, or BPA. You can count on long-lasting use as well, thanks to powerful ceramic magnets that form secure connections and bold colors and a fog-free design that stays vibrant activity after activity.

Explore Magna-Tiles® Sets for High-Speed Fun

From designing a course to crossing the finish line, children will love using their imaginations and budding STEM skills to bring race tracks to life with Magna-Tiles®. To learn more about magnetic construction sets for kids, contact us online. For additional sets and ways to spark creativity, shop Magna-Tiles® now.