Create Home Decorations for Spring with Magna-Tiles®

With months of cabin fever finally coming to an end, spring is upon us, and one of the best ways to welcome in this season of rejuvenation is to add some timely décor to your home. Luckily, this is something the kids can help you with, as there are a host of Magna-Tiles® decorating ideas possible with our magnetic shapes. We describe just a few of them here.

Blooming and Vibrant Magna-Tiles® Flowers

From planting new gardens to giving gifts for Easter or another holiday, flowers are synonymous with spring. Bring some of their beauty into your home – without the mess – by showing your children how to make flowers out of Magna-Tiles®. Simply follow these steps to make their floral visions a reality:

  1. Equip your children with a magnetic building set that contains green squares and colored isosceles and right triangles, like the Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 100-Piece Set.
  2. Arrange six right triangles into a hexagon, which will serve as the flower’s petals.
  3. Lay four green squares in a row and connect them to create the flower’s stem.
  4. Add two green isosceles triangles to the stem – one on each side – to act as leaves.
  5. If desired, attach additional isosceles triangles to each edge of the hexagon to make your flowers bloom even more.

If your young builder is ready for a more complex design, try creating this Magna-Tiles® rose. While it might seem simple, it’s a great challenge for children who are ready to tackle more advanced projects. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Create the stem by using six small green squares to form a triangular prism.
  2. Add one green right triangle to make a leaf on the stem. You could also add one on each side if you prefer.
  3. Place small red squares on top of the green squares to begin creating the rose.
  4. Push the red squares out, then place an equilateral triangle between each red square. This part might take a little teamwork to balance the shapes.
  5. Continue building the petals with equilateral and right triangles. Place shapes across from one another to keep the rose balanced as you work.

Want to take your child’s creativity and imagination to the next level? Try this activity with a Magna-Qubix®, a 3D take on our magnetic shapes!

Pops of Magna-Tiles® Greenery

It’s hard to go shopping during springtime without seeing home décor taking on the forms of trees or even a cactus – and that’s for good reason. Adding a splash of greenery is a great way to brighten your home up for the season and celebrate the trees in bloom outside. And when you create nature-inspired décor from Magna-Tiles®, you’ll even have the chance to teach your children about core science concepts, such as the change of the seasons and the types of nature surrounding you. Try one of these ideas:

Tree Branches

Try a similar approach to making Magna-Tiles® flowers, but instead, use a darker color for the tree trunk and green triangles for the leaves on each side. This method gives kids the creative freedom to express themselves while making a truly special, original tree branch to display on your coffee table, mantle, or even the fridge.

A Cactus from the Desert

Use green squares for the base. Then, connect two right triangles and two isosceles triangles together to form different sizes of rectangles, which can then be attached to the stem and serve as the cactus’ arms. You can use a white dry-erase marker or chalk to add in some of the details and finish off your creation with a Magna-Tiles® pot to “plant” it in.

Capturing the Season’s Brightness with a Magna-Tiles® Suncatcher

Bring some new life to your windows and let the sunshine pour into your home with this simple yet imaginative, instruction-free activity. Click the tiles together to create stars, replicas of stained glass, or anything your child can dream up. Then, place the creation on the windowsill or lean it against the glass, and gaze in amazement as the sunlight creates a colorful reflection on your floor or wall. Use the Magna-Tiles® Freestyle 40-Piece Set to build in any direction and create even more design possibilities!

Get Ready for Spring with Magna-Tiles®

Now that you and your children have found some inspiration, it’s time to roll out our interactive play mat and get started with these Magna-Tiles® decorating ideas for spring. While your children get in the spring spirit, they’ll also be flexing their creativity and honing the spatial and tactile skills that are so crucial to their development. To learn more, contact us today.