Creating a Magna-Tiles® Rainbow

Rainbows can brighten anyone’s day, but they’re also great inspiration for hands-on learning activities. If you’re looking for creative ways to teach kids about colors, shapes, scientific concepts, and more, building a rainbow with Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes is a fun way to get started. Here, we’ll take a closer look at how children can build their very own rainbow with easy-to-use magnetic shape toys.

How to Build a Magna-Tiles® Magnetic Shapes Rainbow

Anyone can build a beautiful rainbow – all it takes is your favorite Magna-Tiles® magnetic construction sets. The number of tiles needed depends on the size of your rainbow, so consider a larger set if your little builder likes to think big! To create a basic rainbow, you’ll need the following magnetic shapes:

  • 2 orange equilateral triangles
  • 2 green equilateral triangles
  • 2 purple equilateral triangles
  • 5 red squares
  • 4 blue squares
  • 4 yellow squares
  • 1 green square
  • 1 orange square
  • 6 purple squares

To get started, follow these easy steps:

  1. Lay out the red squares to form a plus-sign shape.
  2. Fold the sides up to form a 3D cube.
  3. Repeat the first two steps to create a purple cube.
  4. Create a cube in yellow and purple. This time only build the outer walls with no bottom and set aside.
  5. Place an orange square tile with an orange equilateral triangle on the left and right sides.
  6. Fold the sides up to create a triangular prism and lay it on its side.
  7. Repeat the steps to create green and purple prisms.
  8. Connect the shapes in rainbow order. Work your way from outside to inside by placing the red and purple squares on a flat surface and then work your way towards the center of the rainbow.

Younger builders may need help from a parent or teacher to fold up the shapes and place them securely in the rainbow structure. If you prefer, you could also build a rainbow using Magna-Qubix® magnetic shape building blocks.

Rainbow Learning Activities Using Magna-Tiles®

Creating rainbows can be lots of fun, and it’s a great way for younger kids to practice fine motor skills. Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes are easy for smaller hands to hold, and they come together with a satisfying click that lets you know a connection is secure. Beyond motor skills and free play, your magnetic shape rainbow can teach a wide variety of skills, including all of the following:

  • Colors: Ask your child to name the colors of the rainbow as they place each section of the structure. You could also introduce the concept of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. For a fun-filled art project, give kids washable paint in primary colors and have them mix the hues needed to create the rainbow they just built.
  • Counting: Count out the number of shapes needed, plus the number required to build each section of the rainbow. How many would be needed to build a taller or longer rainbow?
  • Science: Rainbows are formed when sunlight passes through raindrops. The water creates a prism, bending and reflecting the light to form rainbow colors. Curious kids are sure to have tons of questions about this process, and it’s a good opening to discuss ideas about light, weather, and more.
  • Problem-solving: Rather than specifying how many shapes of each type are required, challenge kids to design their own rainbow. Talk through their ideas and make note of which builds don’t work – what went wrong and how did they fix it?

For even more creative ways to use magnetic shapes in hands-on learning activities, check out our idea gallery.

A Rainbow of Learning Fun

The next time showers give way to sunny skies, reach for a Magna-Tiles® construction set and take advantage of a chance to learn about rainbows. To find additional hands-on learning ideas, browse our activity downloads and explore magnetic construction sets. Questions? Contact Magna-Tiles® today.