Creating Different Flowers with Magna-Tiles®

As your children grow, so does their curiosity about the world around them. Learning about Mother Nature can be just as fun in the classroom or playroom as it is outside. While studying plants, flowers, patterns, and symmetry, you can turn everyday lessons into hands-on experiences using magnetic blocks. Plant seeds of knowledge through play using Magna-Tiles® flowers.

Creating 3D Flowers with Magna-Tiles®

Design a garden that is all your own. You can start with familiar tulips and sunflowers and let your imagination blossom from there. Construct a box-shaped base for your flower, and mirror natural growth for your little ones by adding to your plant bit by bit. The steps for making a basic flower are simple:

  1. Vertically connect square tiles for the stem
  2. Use triangular tiles for leaves on the sides
  3. Top it off with a square “bud”
  4. Surround the bud with triangular petals

Craft a set of potted flowers that sits on the window sill of your playroom, or landscape the property around your Magna-Tiles® house with a vibrant garden. Thanks to the rainbow magnetic tiles, you can experiment with different color combinations as you build.

After mastering the basic 3D Magna-Tiles® flower, dive into more complex designs like those that look as if they’re truly blooming outward. Connect square and triangle tiles to create a funnel-shaped flower with room at the center for a small fairy figurine, or use the spinner tile to create a pinwheel bloom that rotates on its stem. With an array of tiles to choose from, your floral designs can take on many different forms.

Floral Puzzles and Learning Activities

Magna-Tiles® are made for open-ended play and freestyle learning. Parents and educators can use them in a variety of ways, including creating custom floral puzzles. Try this activity at home or in the classroom:

  1. Trace a floral pattern on paper using specific Magna-Tiles® shapes
  2. Set the tiles you used and a few others to the side
  3. Instruct kids to use the shapes to recreate your design on the pattern

As your kids mix and match the shapes to complete the puzzles you’ve created, they’re learning about spatial recognition, patterns, problem-solving, geometry, and more. From basic puzzles for tiny tots to complex puzzles for older kids, the level of difficulty is up to you.

With a few extra supplies from the craft bin, you can tackle more advanced projects. Budding artists can use their Magna-Tiles® to trace and cut out shapes on construction paper and use the pieces to glue together a floral scene from their imagination. This activity is perfect for craft time, art class, creating homemade greeting cards, and more.

Kids can also take advantage of the sun-catcher aesthetic and create some of their own. From a row of tulips standing along the window sill to stained glass works of art, sun catchers make it easy to let creativity shine. As the sun’s rays glow through the tiles onto surfaces, youngsters can explore concepts around light, color, and shadows.

Let Your Creativity Bloom

Discover more things to create from nature in our Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity and our Idea Gallery. You can also share your Magna-Tiles® flowers with our online community through social media, and gain some more inspiration for memorable #magnatiles moments while you’re there. Contact us today for help growing your collection of activities.