Creative Ways to Use Magna-Tiles® When Homeschooling and with Montessori-Style Learning

Stocking a homeschool or Montessori classroom is a big job. Where do you start, and what do you really need? Not only do you want learning tools your kids will use (and love!), but you need to make the most of your budget. Additionally, many homeschooling parents require supplies that work for multiple age groups and grow with their young learners, transitioning between grades with ease.

That’s where Magna-Tiles® building sets for kids come in. If you’re looking for ways to use magnetic shapes in homeschool or Montessori learning activities, we have a host of resources that make teaching easier – and more fun.

What Can You Teach with Magna-Tiles®?

One of the things children love about Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® is their versatility – they can create anything they can imagine. That makes magnetic shapes ideal for all kinds of homeschool and Montessori activities as well, no matter which subject you’re focusing on. It’s simple to see how these vivid, easy-to-manipulate pieces could be used for learning colors, counting, matching, adding and subtracting, teaching shapes, and the like. Still, there are plenty of other creative ways to use Magna-Tiles® in the classroom, such as:

  • Developing fine motor skills for younger students as they pick up magnetic shapes and click them together
  • Demonstrating principles of magnetism during science lessons
  • Introducing basic concepts of coding for older students interested in computer science
  • Collaborative activities that encourage teamwork
  • Engineering, architecture, and design projects that introduce STEM concepts and promote critical thinking
  • Literacy lessons, including sight word practice, word making, spelling, and sentence building
  • Designing games and working out puzzles to build problem-solving skills
  • Creating functional circuits to explore electricity
  • And more.

Using magnetic shapes is a great way to reduce dependence on screens and make any lesson more hands-on. When you do, you’ll help kids take an active role in education, fostering a lifetime love of learning.

Our Top Resources for Homeschooling and Montessori-Style Learning

Now you know how and why to use Magna-Tiles® magnetic construction sets for homeschooling and Montessori learning – all that’s left is finding the information and support you need to get started. To help, we’ve curated a selection of activities, lesson plans, and other strategies for learning with magnetic shapes.

H3: Activity Downloads

Check out our activity downloads for simple activities to kick-start your planning. You’ll find downloadable ABC and number cards that offer easy writing practice, plus support letter and number recognition. Additionally, guides to using magnetic shapes to develop fine motor skills, learn shapes and colors, build problem-solving techniques, and more will help you understand how best to use Magna-Tiles® magnetic construction sets in the homeschool or Montessori classroom.

Lesson Plans

Stuck on coming up with lesson ideas? A selection of lesson plans for ages three and up offers new activities and helps minimize prep time. Each activity includes a list of required supplies and detailed directions, plus objectives and STEM integrations to explain learning outcomes. Many lesson plans also include tips for assessment and extension options for additional learning opportunities.

Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity

Available as an ebook or paperback, Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity offers more than 150 activities, challenges, and builds inspired by Magna-Tiles® creators around the world. The book includes chapters for beginners and advanced users alike with plenty of STEM learning activities for parents and kids to complete together.

Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts as well. Regular updates include ideas for projects and information about the benefits of teaching with magnetic shapes.

Explore Magna-Tiles® for Your Homeschool or Montessori Classroom

There’s no shortage of creative ways to use magnetic shapes in your homeschool or Montessori-style activities. If you’re seeking additional inspiration, be sure to check out our idea gallery to see how kids, parents, and teachers around the world make learning fun with Magna-Tiles®. Explore magnetic construction sets to get started, or contact us for additional information.