Different Animals to Build with Magna-Tiles®

Every child is bound to develop a love for animals, whether it be on land, up in the sky, or under the sea. Children form unique connections to a favorite animal early on, and it quickly becomes apparent, as it makes its way into every nook and cranny of their world. While these bonds are endearing, it also plays an essential role in teaching children to find the value and beauty in the world around them, as well as the inherent value of life outside themselves. This could also be a great way to use play as a means of introducing pets and how to care for them. Using magnetic building blocks like Magna-Tiles® to build animals is a great way to have fun when learning about animals, and we explain how to do so here.

Swim with Your Favorite Fish

With millions of fish in the ocean, your child is sure to find something they love. With Magna-Tiles®, they’ll be able to build a tiny fish of their own. Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Nine small squares
  • Nine equilateral triangles

Then, follow these easy-to-follow directions:

  1. Using all nine squares, build a larger square with a 3×3 dimension.
  2. Connect the flat end of a triangle piece to the front end of the middle row of squares. This is the mouth.
  3. Take two triangles and connect the sloped sides.
  4. Repeat step #2.
  5. Place your fins on the top and bottom square in the middle column of the fish’s body.
  6. To make the tailfin, attach two triangles at the flat base.
  7. Repeat step #5.
  8. Take the last triangle and place it opposite the mouth.
  9. Attach the two tailfin pieces to the sloped ends of the triangle at the back of the fish.

Make Birds Fly with Our 3D Building Blocks

In addition to our two-dimensional sets, Magna-Tiles® also offers Magna-Qubix®, a line of 3D magnetic building block sets you can use to build all kinds of animals. Build 3D birds that children can fly across the living room or classroom with the following shapes:

  • Eight square triangles
  • Four cubes
  • One hexagonal prism

Here’s what they’ll need to do:

  1. Assemble the four cubes into one larger cube.
  2. Connect the hexagonal prism to one of the cubes. This is the head of the bird.
  3. Place a square triangle on the top left side of the hexagon.
  4. For the tail, take another square triangle and place it on the back of the bird’s body on the bottom cube.
  5. Attach two square triangles at their sloped sides.
  6. Repeat step #5.
  7. Attach the other sloped side of the triangle to the body of the bird so that it sticks out towards you.
  8. Repeat step #7 on the other side of the body for the wings.
  9. Take the final two triangles and connect the flat sides.
  10. Attach one of the sloped faces to the bottom of the bird.

Build Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are virtually synonymous with family, so what better way is there to introduce man’s best friend than to build one! To build a dog you’re going to need:

  • 13 small squares
  • Five equilateral squares
  • Two right triangles
  • Two large squares

This build is a little complicated, so check out this tutorial from Magna-Tiles®.

Learn More about Teaching Animals with Our Magnetic Shapes

Animals of all shapes and sizes play a vital role in the instruction and development of children, and learning about what they look like and where they live can be entertaining and educational with our magnetic building blocks. For more fun ideas, contact Magna-Tiles® today.