Empowering Girls with Magna-Tiles®

You tell your daughter she can be anything she wants. Still, it’s hard to maintain that message when her toys reinforce stereotypical ideas about what girls like, who they can be, and what they can do. To build healthy self-confidence, she needs toys that encourage creativity, problem-solving, and exploration. Here, we’ll take a closer look at how Magna-Tiles® magnetic blocks for kids empower girls through imaginative play and hands-on learning.

Open-Ended Toys Encourage Self-Determination

Kids are drawn to toys that do things, whether it’s playing videos, making lights flash, or singing songs. There’s a time and place for these playthings, but open-ended toys like magnetic blocks for kids do more to support empowerment. Magna-Tiles® are simple, colorful, and easy to hold for a reason – it encourages kids’ creativity. Children will devise endless ways to play with magnetic shapes, building critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills as they do.

This is especially important for empowering girls, as it encourages them to become active learners and explore the ideas that interest them most. Whether your daughter is excited to learn how things work or loves creating complex stories and detailed worlds to support them, she can find her passions with Magna-Tiles®.

Magnetic Blocks for Kids Show that STEM Is for Everyone

We know that boys and girls alike find STEM concepts fascinating. Yet that interest seems to decline over time, with far fewer women seeking careers in fields of science, technology, engineering, or math. In fact, research from UC San Diego Extension’s Center for Research and Evaluation revealed that just one in four STEM jobs are held by women. Additionally, women hold just 27% of positions in math and computing and a mere 16% of engineering jobs.

Joining parents, teachers, siblings, and classmates in STEM activities shows girls that science and technology have no gender boundaries. Magnetic building blocks for kids are especially helpful here, as they allow girls to follow an experiment or project from start to finish and see their success in action. What’s more, young learners can devise their own builds, follow their interests, and gain confidence in their ability to learn independently and in collaboration with others.

Breaking Down Ideas about “Girl Toys” and “Boy Toys”

Check out a toy aisle at your local store, and you’re likely to see separate areas for “girl toys” and “boy toys.” You might have even heard your own kids reject a plaything because it’s for girls or boys and thus not for them. We often assume this is a hangover from more traditional times, but today’s toys are even more gendered than those kids played with 50 years ago! This might seem harmless, but it’s very easy for young girls to learn that only traditionally feminine pursuits are appropriate from toys that reinforce stereotypical gender roles.

One of the best things about Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® magnetic construction sets is that they’re for boys, girls, and kids of all ages. With no preconceived notions about who can play and how, magnetic blocks for kids encourage children to look beyond the pink and blue gender lines established by so many toys and simply focus on having fun together.

Find More Ways to Empower Girls with Magna-Tiles®

You do everything possible to help your daughter grow into a strong, confident young woman. With help from magnetic blocks for kids, you can empower her with every learning activity and play session. For more ideas about using Magna-Tiles® magnetic construction sets with your little girl, check out our activity downloads, find inspiration in our idea gallery, or contact us today.