Enhance Learning with Magna-Tiles® Using Light

Turn your window into a rainbow that Roy G. Biv himself would be proud of and craft sunlit mosaics that brighten up the playroom décor. Magna-Tiles® are the perfect tools to teach children about light, color, prisms, and more. The magnetic shapes in your collections make it easy to turn a variety of concepts into memorable educational experiences in the comfort of your home.

Lessons That Shine: Rainbows and Magna-Tiles®

Discover primary and secondary colors together using your magnetic shapes and a window. Each colorful tile can be used alone or against others to create a brilliant palette that piques the interest of curious kids. As sunlight shines through the vibrant Magna-Tiles® and carries the hues onto surfaces, your child can play with the colorful glow as you explore the following concepts together:

  • Transparency
  • Translucency
  • Opacity
  • Rays
  • Prisms

If your kids are older, you can also use your tiles to teach more advanced concepts. Create a 3-D rainbow and use it as a prop to discuss how rainbows are formed or cover weather patterns and the water cycle with your youngster. Other science lessons can include:

  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Light wavelengths
  • How the eye sees colors

Pairing play with fundamental STEAM concepts helps make education fun and engaging for children of all ages.

Turn Science into Art

Do you have a budding artist? Blending the science of color and light with Magna-Tiles® is a natural transition to art. Use some of the lessons above and create your own stained-glass masterpieces. Mixing and matching colors and using construction paper cutouts can give each magnetic masterpiece a truly unique look.

Magna-Tiles® come in a rainbow of colors that kids love exploring to bring their creations to life. The translucent tiles allow little learners to explore their colorful world and their imagination, and each shape fits together with a satisfying “click” for simple construction.

Play with Shadows and Light

Turn lessons in light and color into discussions about reflection and shadows. Mix and match materials with your Magna-Tiles® to see how light passes through different objects. Block light and reflect it using a variety of items in your playroom, including:

  • Animal figures
  • Building blocks
  • Marbles
  • Mirrors
  • Metal objects
  • And more…

From shadow puppets that tell a story to reflecting your child’s favorite colors all around the room, there are many different ways in which lessons on shadows and light can be integrated into the playtime you already enjoy.

Glowing Lessons with a Twist

Flip your lessons upside down using glow-in-the-dark magnetic shapes to see shadows and opaque materials in a whole new light. Create 3-D structures and use artificial or natural light to supercharge the pieces. These tiles can ignite conversations between you and inquisitive youngsters about:

  • How phosphors work
  • Bioluminescence
  • Solar power
  • And more…

Light the Way Through Play

Magna-Tiles® aren’t just for play — spark a love of science in your youngsters using all your favorite playsets. With the materials already in your toy bin and a healthy dose of creativity, play and learning can come together almost any time of day. Check out Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity and our activity downloads to find other ideas for your magnetic shapes. Questions? Reach out to us today.