Games You Can Build and Play with Magna-Tiles®

Children take learning to a whole new level through play. As they grow older, the toys they play with often reflect their current stage of learning. While stuffed animals and action figures are timeless, creatively incorporating STEM concepts into everyday play can make learning even more fun for everyone. Craft your own games using magnetic building blocks. Magna-Tiles® can be used to encourage healthy intellectual development in children at home or in the classroom. Fostering creativity and teamwork, here are a few games you can incorporate into playtime using your collection of Magna-Tiles®.

Create Elaborate Dominoes Games

One of the most satisfying things to do as a child is stack things up and knock them over. This game is often followed by an eruption of giggles and laughter when the last block hits the ground. A fresh take on the classic dominoes game provides a quick and easy activity you can do indoors and outside. While something like this may sound simplistic enough, it teaches children about cause, effect, action, and reaction. It’s also an excellent lesson in patience.

Create a short trail down the hallway or an elaborate path that winds around the living room. You could also encourage your budding builders to arrange Magna-Tiles® in the form of a shape, such as a square or a circle. Once they tip the first magnetic tile down, the others should follow one after another.

Make and Solve a Maze

Another fun game idea is to build a maze using Magna-Tiles®. You can build and play with your child, or take turns challenging each other. Letting imagination lead the way, you can build two-dimensional and three-dimensional mazes using your collection of magnetic building blocks and tiles. Whether you’re working on the floor or the fridge, arranging and rearranging your maze is a great puzzle activity that can be used to sharpen your child’s problem-solving skills.

Build a Marble Slide on the Fridge

Create an intricate slide that sends marbles rolling. This last game requires a bit more thinking, but the result is a ton of fun to watch. The more your children play this game, the better they can be at crafting new, innovative structures that explore fundamental scientific and architectural concepts.

One of the best things about magnetic building shapes is that they’ll stick to just about any metal surface, providing numerous places to vertically station your marble slide. Grab a marble or small ball, and have your child build a ramp with a flat landing pad to catch the ball at the end. Once they’re comfortable with one slope and a landing, have them advance to crafting multiple slides. They can watch the ball zigzag down the face of the fridge each time they refine and build upon their design.

Find More Fun Ideas for Magnetic Games Today

There are tons of other games you can create on your own using magnetic building blocks. Find more innovative ways to elevate playtime and make learning a truly enjoyable, engaging experience.  Contact us to learn more information or explore Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity for more game inspiration.