Geometry Practice: Using Magna-Tiles® to Build Shapes

It usually takes children longer to understand shapes than colors. Luckily, when you teach your child about colors with Magna-Tiles®, Magna-Tiles® Structures, or Magna-Qubix®, you will be teaching them about shapes at the same time. Our magnetic building toys are available in many vibrant, fog-free hues to grab their attention, as well as in different shapes for hands-on geometry lessons. From triangles to octagons, your children or students can learn to build any shape imaginable with Magna-Tiles® – we explain how here.

Fun Activities for Mastering Geometry

By making any Magna-Tiles® set part of your child’s playtime routine, you will have ample opportunities to educate them about the basics geometry while they express their creativity and explore their imagination. Here are a few fun activities that will help your child master geometry:

Sorting and Classifying Shapes

Tape a circle, triangle, and square made from construction paper on the ground. Then, give your child different Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes and instruct them to place each tile in the corresponding area.

Identifying Shapes in Everyday Objects

Give your child several different magnetic shapes and let them identify everyday objects that have the same shape as one of their tiles. This is a great activity for long road trips.

Creating Shapes from Other Shapes

With Magna-Tiles®, anything your child creates will be built using many different shaped tiles! For example, a circular ball can be constructed using square and equilateral triangle tiles.

Making Different Objects Using Only One Shape

Create a fun checkers or chess board using square tiles, a 2D heart with triangle-shaped tiles, and much more with only one shape! By building different objects using the same magnetic shape, your child will learn valuable critical thinking skills and become familiar with the shape they are using.

Magna-Tiles® in Classroom Geometry Lessons

For educators, it is important to remember that no two children retain information in the same ways. Some may learn better utilizing hands-on, interactive methods of learning, like learning about geometry with Magna-Tiles®. By incorporating Magna-Tiles® into your lesson plan, you will be giving all your students the best possible chance for success.

When educating children who are just beginning to learn about shapes, our lesson plan, Learning About Shapes with Magna-Tiles®, offers a basic introduction to triangles, squares, and rectangles. As you display different shaped tiles to your students, ask them to identify the name of the shape you are holding up, as well as where the shape is in relation to another shape.

For more advanced students who have a basic understanding of shapes, our educational activity, Name the Shape with Magna-Tiles®, involves students constructing 2D and 3D shapes out of many different magnetic shapes. Once the structures are complete, students deconstruct their creations and identify the shapes, as well as how many of each was used in their structures.

Order Colorful Magnetic Shapes for Your Children or Students Today

Magna-Tiles® are used in homes and classrooms around the world for the very purpose that our founder intended ­– giving children a better, hands-on way to learn geometry. With the original magnetic construction toys for children, learning about 2D and 3D shapes is more fun and engaging than ever. To learn more about how Magna-Tiles® can be used to practice geometry and build shapes, contact us today, view our idea gallery, or browse our library of educator resources.