How Many Different Things Can You Build Using One Magna-Tiles® Shape?

Building and creating structures is a great way for children to explore various STEM and math concepts. By working on a project as a family or in a team environment, children also develop important social and communication skills. With Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®, there is no limit to what you can create or learn. And best of all – the same magnetic shapes can be used over and over again to create different things! Below, we share some ideas of what you can build using the same Magna-Tiles® square or triangle.

Using Square Magna-Tiles®

Our square magnetic tiles are often the building blocks for larger Magna-Tiles® creations. Square tiles can easily be used for the floors and walls of tall buildings or to construct stairs and roads, for example. They can also be used to build the bodies of their favorite animals, construct a car, and so much more.

For a fun refresh of popular board games like chess, a checkered game board can be made with square tiles of any color combination your child chooses. Or, they can even use square Magna-Tiles® to make a maze to roll a marble through, as well as construct a stage for their favorite pop-culture icon to perform.

In educational settings, square-shaped Magna-Tiles® are useful for teaching students the basics of 3D shapes. A 3D cube made from Magna-Tiles® shapes, for instance, is easy to take apart and put back together with a “click.” Six square tiles can create the net of the cube, which can then be transformed in to a cube when lifting the edges. This activity allows students to count how many tiles are used to construct the shape, as well as familiarize themselves with the 2D forms of 3D objects. Meanwhile, Magna-Qubix® pieces, which are already 3D, enable children to learn different 3D shape names by identifying them as they build. Students love the hands-on nature of Magna-Tiles®, and teachers benefit from increased student participation levels.

Building with Magna-Tiles® Triangles

When you combine two right triangles, you get a square, so anything you can build with square tiles can also be built using right triangles. However, there are some unique things you can build with triangle-shaped Magna-Tiles® that you can’t build with square-shaped tiles, including many other 2D figures. With triangles, you can create more rounded edges and corners that you can’t make with square tiles. 2D hearts, strawberries, and pineapples are just a few 2D shapes that have rounded edges and look better constructed with triangle-shaped tiles than square-shaped tiles.

Want to help your child build a rocket ship for an impromptu trip to outer space? A body for one can be constructed using right triangle-shaped tiles or squares and rectangles built from triangles. Meanwhile, the nose and fins are constructed using triangle tiles. If you are feeling extra adventurous, this sailboat can be made using isosceles, right triangle, and equilateral triangle-shaped tiles!

Like our square-shaped tiles, educators find our triangle-shaped tiles useful for educating students about geometry and 3D shapes. For example, students can be instructed to build a 360° circle with 12 isosceles triangles, which can then be used to reinforce math lessons – especially tough ones like fractions! By imagining their circle as a pizza or pie, children can gain a clearer understanding of basic fractions and practice verbalizing them by taking away a “slice” at a time – an activity that’s not possible with magnetic tiles from other manufacturers. For more inspirational ideas and creations, check out our idea gallery.

Endless Educational and Creative Opportunities with Just One Shape

These are just a few of the shapes that Magna-Tiles® sets feature, so imagine the possibilities when you invest in our prism and polygon magnetic shapes! By introducing your children or students to STEM concepts early with an activity they love, you help set the foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery. For more ideas about what to build with Magna-Tiles®, browse our blog or contact us today.