How to Build A Christmas Tree With Magna-Tiles®

There are truly no limits when it comes to a child’s imagination – especially around the holidays! Whether they’re anticipating Santa’s arrival, curious about reindeer, or wondering what the elves are currently up to, parents can make the most of their excitement by helping them build a Christmas tree out of Magna-Tiles®. It’ll be a creation the whole family can be proud of and will be strong enough to stay intact through Christmas Day. Here’s a closer look at how to get started with our brilliantly colored magnetic shapes for kids.

Pick Your Magna-Tiles® Set

Not just any magnetic toys offer the strength and durability necessary to create the perfect Christmas tree. Developed in 1997 by Valtech LLC, Magna-Tiles® sets have proven time and time again to be the premier choice for the occasion. They’re constructed with stainless steel rivets, powerful magnets, and a sonic-welding process that will keep creations intact for long periods of time. What’s more, they’re completely safe for children, as they’re made with food-grade ABS plastic that’s free of BPA, latex, and phthalates and finished in non-toxic paints for fog-free, vivid hues for pieces that look just like stained glass.

Classic Magna-Tiles® sets contain all the shapes you’ll need to get started with building your Christmas tree, including large and small squares and an array of equilateral, isosceles, and right triangles. As an added bonus, these sets are compatible with all Magna-Qubix® and Magna-Tiles® Structures pieces, allowing your children to take their creativity to the next level. You can even invest in the Magna-Tiles® Cars 2-Piece Expansion Set to create a miniature sleigh to place next to your completed tree.

Build with a “Click”

There are many different approaches when it comes to building a Christmas tree out of Magna-Tiles®, as each set offers a host of different possibilities. Regardless of which set you choose, though, creating your structure involves the same process across the board. Each Magna-Tiles® piece forms a strong connection to another thanks to the rugged neodymium magnets we use during construction. These magnets give off a signature “click” sound, which indicates that a secure bond has been formed between the magnets on each piece.

To create a few smaller trees, simply stick together a few triangles to create a pyramid-shaped tower that resembles this quintessential holiday decoration. To build a larger tree, let your children’s imaginations run wild! You can start by connecting some squares to make a base. Then, watch your kids unleash their creativity as they place triangles, prisms, and more and build a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree.

Time to Decorate!

When making a Christmas tree out of Magna-Tiles®, building it is only half the fun! While our powerful magnets play a huge role in constructing a tree and keeping it intact, they can also be used when decorating it. For example, you can put some metal jingle bells over each magnet to securely hold them in place. If you don’t have any metal décor, wrap each finished tree in some shiny garland and string on some miniature ornaments and fairy lights. You can even wrap string or thin ribbon around some Magna-Qubix blocks to resemble gifts under the tree. And don’t forget the star on top! As always, adult supervision is recommended when adding smaller objects to your Magna-Tiles trees!

Place and Admire

Because Magna-Tiles® creations are proven to stay intact until your child takes them apart, you can use your completed Christmas trees to decorate any room of your home. Place them under the big tree or on the mantle above the fireplace, or put them on your child’s nightstand to inspire sweet, candy cane-filled dreams. Better yet, parents can take pride in the fact that they’ve enabled their children to stay on track with their STEM learning amid the sheer excitement brought on by the holiday season. For more ideas about incorporating Magna-Tiles® products into your holiday traditions, contact us today.

NOTE: Gift Wrapping Available for the 2020 Holiday Season Starting December 1, 2020.