Creating 3D Art with Magna-Qubix®

As children grow and develop, they must find creative outlets that allow them to express the full extent of their imagination. With three-dimensional (3D) magnetic building blocks, your children can bring all of their drawings and paintings to life while learning about shapes, colors, and important science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts. Magna-Qubix®, designed by Magna-Tiles®, features tons of 3D magnetic shapes designed to bring your child’s artwork to life. Here are just a few ideas for getting your children started on an artistic project that will also benefit their education and development.

Fly into Outer Space with a Magna-Qubix® Rocket Ship

From first-time stargazers to aspiring astronauts, there’s a fascination with space that every child experiences at one point or another. They might’ve even drawn a rocket or two on paper in hopes of one day flying high enough to touch the stars. While we can’t get them up there just yet, we can give them the equipment to build their own 3D rocket ship with Magna-Qubix®. You’ll need the following 3D magnetic building blocks:

  • Four cubes
  • Four square triangles
  • One triangular prism

Then, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Stack the four cubes on top of each other, creating a pillar.
  2. Take two square triangles and connect them at the base, creating a diamond shape.
  3. Repeat step #2.
  4. Lay the pillar on its side.
  5. Connect the square end of your diamonds to the sides of the pillar.
  6. Place the triangular prism on the top of the pillar, and stand it up.

Now, all that’s left is to take it for a test flight around the room.

Take Your Trains to the Next Level

Trains are also another common drawing in art class, and bringing them to life has never been this fun or easy. Magna-Tiles® even has a special set of magnetic building blocks that have wheels built into it for a smooth ride. Here’s how:

Pieces You’ll Need


  1. Join two rectangular prisms together at the square end. This is the base of the train.
  2. Connect the bottom of the square pyramid to one of the square ends of the rectangular prism. This is the front of the train.
  3. Connect the bottom of the triangular prism to the square end of the remaining rectangular prism, and then attach this to the front end of your base so that it’s standing up.
  4. Create a small staircase using the three cubes, placing two side by side and one on top.
  5. Put the staircase on the back end of the train, with the taller part facing the back.
  6. Connect the hexagonal prisms.
  7. Place the body of your train on top.

Start a Garden and Grow Some Flowers

Flowers will forever have a special place on paper, and whether they’re drawn with crayons or painted with watercolors, this is one of the easiest 3D art projects you can teach. It only takes a few of the following pieces:

  • One rectangular prism
  • One hexagonal prism
  • Five cubes, square prisms, or triangular prisms

First, stand the rectangular prism upright, and place the hexagonal prism on top. Attach the square ends of whichever shape you’ve chosen to the remaining five sides of the hexagonal prism. It’s that simple!

Learn More about Magna-Qubix® and Other Magna-Tiles® Activities

Bringing your children’s art to life adds a level of fun and engagement that will bolster their love for creative expression. To learn more about Magna-Qubix® or what else is possible with our entire line of magnetic shapes for kids, contact Magna-Tiles® today.