Incorporating Other Toys with Magna-Tiles®

Give kids a Magna-Tiles® set, and they’ll find a million ways to play. Our magnetic shape toys are great for learning activities, from STEM to sight words and everything in between, as well as building towering structures, making shapes, and more. They’re also a great addition to all your children’s favorite toys! Let’s take a closer look at how Magna-Tiles® building sets combine with a variety of other toys to make even more fun together.

Explore New Territory with Toy Vehicles

Have you ever purchased your child a racetrack for toy cars? There’s a good chance they lost interest after a few runs across the course. To beat the boredom brought on by pre-made tracks, encourage kids to build their own highways and racing courses with our magnetic shape toys. Creating roadways, bridges, ramps, and tunnels won’t just spark imagination – it also introduces design and engineering principles in fun ways.

Build Exciting Environments for Favorite Characters

Magna-Tiles® pieces come together with a distinctive “click” thanks to powerful ceramic magnets inside. That means they hold strong enough to create all kinds of imagination-fueled structures, from the hero’s hideout to a hangout for dolls and more. Children can build houses, schools, zoos, amusement parks, and entire cities, giving their favorite toys more ways to have fun. Older kids can even attempt to recreate famous buildings and other structures for playthings to explore.

Create New Sensory Experiences

Sensory tables allow little learners to explore with their hands, building fine-motor skills and developing other concepts such as comparison, cause-and-effect, size, shape, and more. There are many ways to create a sensory station, including sand, water, rice, or even snow. By adding magnetic shape toys along with scoops, molds, sieves, and other toys, you can bring a new dimension of fun to any sensory activity. And because Magna-Tiles® are built tough with high-quality, food-grade ABS plastic, there’s no need to worry about damage. Just be sure to dry your shapes thoroughly when used near water.

Reinvigorate Existing Magnetic Building Toys

If your playroom or classroom is already stocked with magnetic building toys, Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes can breathe new life into your collection. Sets that sparkle with glitter, glow in the dark, or include crystal-clear tiles will bring new excitement to any building session. You’ll also find a variety of sets that add new components like stairs, curved pieces, wheels, and more, such as:

There’s even more fun to be had by adding Magna-Qubix® magnetic toy blocks, 3D shapes that bring a new dimension to creativity.

Design New Games to Spark Competition or Collaboration

It’s easy to grow weary of the same games, but magnetic shape toys allow children to create a new challenge. Kids can have fun creating games that also reinforce a number of essential skills, such as:

  • Counting
  • Matching
  • Color identification
  • Letter and sight word identification
  • Spelling
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Logic
  • Problem-solving
  • And more…

Dice, spinners, playing pieces, and other components from existing games are easily repurposed to suit players’ needs. Younger children can work with a parent or teacher to design a fun activity, while older kids will enjoy developing their own games and teaching family and friends the rules.

Find More Ways to Play with Magna-Tiles®

Play isn’t just fun for children – it’s an essential part of learning. With toys that encourage imaginative free play, like Magna-Tiles® magnetic shape toys, kids can discover brand-new ways to play without screen time or passive entertainment. To get started, explore our magnetic construction sets and idea gallery, or contact us today.