Learning with the Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals 25-Piece Set

Learning has never been as fun as it is with the Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals 25-Piece Set! This kit allows children the opportunity to express their creativity while learning about jungle animals and improving fine motor skills. Here, Magna-Tiles® shares reasons why these magnetic shapes are a must-have for parents and educators seeking exciting, engaging, and beneficial learning activities.

Exploring the Jungle

Let your kids go wild with the Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals 25-Piece Set. This 25-piece jungle animal set is part of the Magna-Tiles® Animal Collection, and every box features fun facts about jungle animals to teach children about the included animals and foster an interest in science, animals, and more. For example, did you know that caimans are one of the longest surviving species on the planet? How about that leopards live in more habitats than any other big cat species?

As kids learn fun new facts about different animals, their interest in animals and learning increases. This jungle kit is compatible with all Magna-Tiles® magnetic sets, so you can mix and match your animals and pieces with other kits. Invest in our arctic– and safari-themed sets to introduce your child to even more animals and environments.

The animal collection sets provide many more unique learning opportunities for your child to get a deeper understanding of nature, animals, and different habitats. The kit includes 25 pieces with five jungle animals, including:

  • Hippo
  • Sloth
  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Caiman

Each piece has different solid, patterned, or colored designs that are ideal for helping your little one learn color and name recognition. Your child can also match the animals to their footprints, play memory games, and practice recognizing animal patterns and shapes. All the animals have a movable element for endless creative possibilities, from constructing new environments to imagining exciting animal adventures through hands-on play. Each animal will teach your child about something new, whether it be recognition, a new word, or a new sound.

Endless Learning Opportunities

The Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals 25-Piece Set offers your child endless opportunities to learn and express their creativity. Magnetic shapes can provide hours of entertainment and learning for both younger and older kids, and our sets feature STEM-approved construction to make them a valuable educational resource for parents and teachers. This set helps your child learn and grow by:

  • Fostering open-ended creativity and imagination
  • Promoting problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Developing tactile and fine motor skills
  • Teaching collaboration and sharing
  • Helping with verbalization and language skills

The special thing about Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes is they are suitable and engaging for all ages. Kids can learn basic skills up to more complex STEM concepts through playing and exploring. Your children can continue to use the Magna-Tiles® to learn new skills as they get older, and you can look on as their creations become more advanced and experimental. Even adults can use Magna-Tiles® to play, teach, or build with. Purchase the toys that help foster your child’s natural interest in animals, engage the whole family, and decrease screen time.

Learn More about the Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals 25-Piece Set

Foster creativity and encourage learning about animals and nature in your children with the Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals 25-Piece Set, as well as the rest of the Magna-Tiles® Animals Collection. Our fun magnetic shapes allow you to educate your child while keeping them engaged and interested in animals. View our idea gallery for more creative ideas to make with your Magna-Tiles®, or contact us today to learn more.