LESSON PLAN: Help the Gingerbread Man with Magna-Tiles®

STEM Activity! Teach children to think creatively and solve problems.

STEM Integrations:
Science: Acquire skills to solve a problem while thinking creatively.
Technology: Use Magna-Tiles® to solve a problem.
Engineering: Design a bridge
Math: Count how many Magna-Tiles® you used to create your bridge.

– 1 set of Magna-Tiles® (per pair)
– A book, “The Gingerbread Man”
– As an alternative to the book, you can have the children watch a read-a-loud video on YouTube.
– Blue construction paper


#1. Read aloud the book, “The Gingerbread Man” to the children.

#2. Ask the children what the Gingerbread Man could have used to cross the river instead of having to ride on the fox’s back. (Answer: a bridge)

#3. Tell the children that today they are going to work in pairs to build a bridge.

#4. Place a long roll of blue construction paper on the floor or place sheets of construction paper in a row. Explain to the children that the blue paper represents the river that the Gingerbread Man had to cross.

#5. Have the children work in pairs to build bridges across the “river” using Magna-Tiles®.

#6. After the children have built their bridges, have them count how many Magna-Tiles® each pair used to build their bridge. Have the student compare and see who used the most Magna-Tiles® and who used the least Magna-Tiles®.

Give each pair of students a certain number of Magna-Tiles® and see if they are able to build a bridge with them.

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