Letting Your Imagination Run Wild with Magna-Tiles®

Here's how you can great creative with Magna-Tiles® during Screen-Free Week!

April 29th – May 5th is National Screen-Free Week! We hope you and your children take this opportunity to unplug from digital devices and get the imagination and creativity flowing. When it comes to unplugging, some parents have a hard time finding activities that they can realistically use to replace the appeal of screens.

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which puts on Screen-Free week each year, listed five reasons why going screen-free is essential for children and families:

  1. Gives your brain a break.
  2. Helps your family reset priorities and connections.
  3. Provides children time to explore their interests.
  4. Helps children rediscover what real play is.
  5. Supplies a reality check.

As champions of off-screen free play, we couldn’t agree more with these points! Giving children the opportunity to experience open-ended play will unlock their minds, foster learning and build collaboration and sharing skills. You can learn more about how Magna-Tiles® combat excessive screen time here.

To help you give your children (and yourself!) a week of time off phones, tablets and televisions, below are five simple activities using Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®:

  1. Create a Magna-Tiles® or Magna-Qubix® maze on a cookie sheet and then send a toy like HEXBUGS through the maze.
  2. Use your creativity to make a board game using Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®.
  3. Read a book and then bring your favorite scene to life using Magna-Tiles®, Magna-Qubix® and other favorite toys.
  4. Tap into science and build a Magna-Tiles® circuit.
  5. Be an architect for the day! Sketch or discuss a plan of your Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® structure then build it!

For more ideas, check out our Idea Gallery, blog and downloadable lesson plans.

Do you have a great idea for Screen-Free week? We want to see it! Tag your posts with #magnatiles or #magnaqubix on social media for a chance to be featured on our page!

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