Magna-Tiles® Thanksgiving: How to Make Table Decorations

This holiday season, make Thanksgiving with your children extra memorable by incorporating a new tradition – creating unique tabletop décor just for the holiday by using Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes. Here, we offer a few popular Magna-Tiles® decorations for Thanksgiving ideas that will not only spark your family’s creativity but also help the kids master important learning concepts, tactile and spatial skills, and more.

Festive Cornucopia

Taking place after the peak of the fall harvest season, Thanksgiving is synonymous with fresh vegetables, fruity desserts, and décor to make your mouth water. By showing the kids how to build a festive 2D flat-lay cornucopia out of Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes, you can show off the finished product as a unique centerpiece, a decoration for the mantle, and more. Here’s how it can be done:

  1. Using a Magna-Tiles® set with triangle pieces, such as the Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 100-Piece Set, construct a cone to serve as the cornucopia’s horn. You can use traditional colors like orange and yellow, or you can use your child’s favorite colors for a fun twist.
  2. Choose your favorite fruits and vegetables and recreate them out of Magna-Tiles®. Some popular ideas for cornucopias include apples, grapes, corn, and pumpkins.
  3. Position your Magna-Tiles® fruits and vegetables on the horn of your cornucopia.
  4. Finish off your creation by adding some Magna-Tiles® flowers.

Friendly Tabletop Turkey

No Thanksgiving is complete without the traditional turkey! While your family prepares the bird with all the fixings and comforts of home, the kids can enjoy building a friendly 3D turkey with Magna-Tiles®. To get started, ensure you have a mixture of classic Magna-Tiles®, like the Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 48-Piece Deluxe Set, and our Magna-Tiles® Freestyle 40-Piece Set. The freestyle magnetic tiles feature X-shaped pieces, which each have nine free-moving magnets that enable you to build in any direction, as well as layer and overlap pieces. With these pieces on hand, you’ll be able to recreate the turkey featured on our Pinterest page.

Pumpkins, Gourds, and Leaves

With whatever Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes you have on hand, you can create the perfect finishing touches by assembling some pumpkins, gourds, and leaves. All Magna-Tiles® are compatible with one another and fit together with a distinctive “click,” so put the odds and ends from your cornucopia and turkey to good use! Here are some ways to do so:

  • Build the stems of your leaves, pumpkins, or gourds using small square tiles.
  • To create leaves, attach triangle pieces to both sides of each stem.
  • To build pumpkins or gourds, attach Magna-Tiles® to the bottom of each stem until you achieve the desired shape.

Benefits of Magna-Tiles® Thanksgiving Activities

Creating Magna-Tiles® decorations for Thanksgiving is more than a way to bring the family together this year in anticipation of one of the most popular holidays in the country. By allowing your children to play with Magna-Tiles®, you are fostering their mastery of critical developmental skills and concepts, ranging from architecture and design to spatial, tactile, and critical thinking skills. What’s more, Magna-Tiles® are designed with rugged, completely safe and non-toxic plastic that not only gives you peace of mind but also holds up to hours upon hours of imaginative, instruction-free play. To learn more, contact Magna-Tiles® today.