Magnetic Magic: Why Do Magna-Tiles® Always Connect?

Have you ever wondered why Magna-Tiles® always connect and never repel?

Have you ever wondered why Magna-Tiles® always connect and never repel? We have the answers you’re looking for!

But first, click here to download an activity that you can use with your children or your classroom to help them discover the science behind Magna-Tiles® on their own.

To crack the code on why Magna-Tiles® always “click” together – you first need to understand how magnets work. Magnets are polarized with a NORTH and a SOUTH pole. In order for any two magnets to connect, the North pole of one magnet and the South pole of the other need to align. If you try and connect two magnets using both North poles or both South poles, they will resist and it’s impossible to force them together!

So, since Magna-Tiles® are magnetic, science would say that depending on the orientation of your tiles, they might not connect, right?

Not so fast! Magna-Tiles® are built in such a way that allows them to always connect, no matter their orientation. Here’s how:

1. The North and South polarity is not on the outer-facing edge of the tiles. It’s actually on the front and back side of the tiles.

2. The magnets on each side of a tile are oriented in opposite directions. One has the North pole on the front side and the other has the North pole on the back side. The alternating pattern is why the tiles always find a way to click together!

This image helps illustrate the orientation of the Magna-Tiles® magnets:

And you might be wondering the same thing about Magna-Qubix®! The way that Magna-Qubix® always connect is because the cubed magnets inside have enough room to flip around and rotate to the correct polarity. The same is true for the Freestyle tiles in the Magna-Tiles® Freestyle set!

While the ability for Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® to always connect is scientific, it still feels like magic! Because you can flip tiles in any direction and not worry about them repelling, your creativity can flow freely as you stack, build and “click” together your magnetic creations!

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