Make Books Come Alive With Magna-Tiles®

A child’s imagination is capable of so many amazing things, especially when they’re younger. The limitless potential of “why not” rules their every thought, and nothing is ever too far-fetched. This is probably why so many children are enthralled with the beloved bedtime stories in their collections. From far-off lands with exotic creatures to talking animals, plants, and insects, children can dive into whole new worlds without leaving the house. If your child has a favorite story, engage their interests further through meaningful play with Magna-Tiles®. With your collection of magnetic building blocks, you can bring your children’s favorite books to life.

Build Scenes from Their Favorite Book

The first thing you should do with your children is read through the book again and have them pick a few of their favorite scenes. Once they’ve identified what they love most about the book, help them pinpoint some of the most important things on the page: buildings, trees, the sun, and any other inanimate objects that make the scene unique. Once you’ve decided on what to make, collect all the Magna-Tiles® you’ll need and get to work. Using your magnetic shapes to set the stage can foster imaginative versions of most any favorite story.

Bring Their Favorite Characters to Life

Once you’ve recreated their favorite places in the book, it’s time to pick a character or two. The best thing about this activity is that many of the characters in children’s books are mice, caterpillars, butterflies, birds, dogs, cats, and other creatures. Because many of the characters are non-human, it makes bringing them to life a little easier. Plus, your little builders can take a few creative liberties with their designs, adding some characters of their own into the mix. Have your children choose a few of the characters they like the most, and begin constructing them within the scene you’ve just created.

Act Out Favorite Scenes

Once the stage has been set and the characters are ready for action, you can finally play the whole thing out together. Some stories take place in a singular setting and have only a few characters, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to play out most if not all of the story. However, acting out just one scene works just as well if the book takes place in multiple locations.

One of the most exciting parts of all of this is creating scenarios of your own. Make up new parts of the story where two characters who’ve never met have to work together. Or put them somewhere completely different — make up a new landscape, storyline, and any other elements as your children see fit. When you bring a book to life with toys and building blocks, your little ones can let their big imaginations take the lead.

Learn More about Encouraging Childhood Creativity with Magna-Tiles®

Books are filled with adventure, intrigue, and educational opportunities. Whether you have a child who needs more encouragement to read or you simply want to give them a more dynamic experience, using magnetic building shapes like Magna-Tiles® can prove to be a fun, easy way to engage on a deeper level. For more activities that foster creativity, browse our Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity or contact us today.