Making Spooky Decorations for Halloween with Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark Sets

Add some spooky décor to your home this Halloween while promoting creativity and learning in your children with Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark magnetic building toys. These glow-in-the-dark tiles are great for imaginative free play, learning activities, and creating shapes and decorations for any occasion with a cool glow that your kids will love. Here, we offer a few Halloween decoration ideas for some spooky touches using our unique magnetic shapes.

Haunted House

What better way to add a Halloween look to your home than with a glow-in-the-dark haunted house? By combining our Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark 16-Piece and 24-Piece sets, they can even construct a haunted mansion! While kids build with their Magna-Tiles®, they’ll be learning and developing valuable skills, such as STEM concepts, design, architecture, and more. Once they finish building their creation, you can put it on your front porch or steps during trick or treating for a spooky look. Featuring durable construction with a scratch- and dent-resistant finish, all Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes are built to stand up to playtime both indoors and out.

A Family of Bats – or a Giant One

Make a flat design of a bat with Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark pieces for a fun project that all ages can participate in. With the right combination of triangles and other shapes, you can create bats of all sizes to dazzle in your favorite bookcase, or you can combine all of your resources to create one giant bat as a coffee table topper. Whatever you decide, children can learn about the anatomy of bats and their habitat as they create their heads, wings, and ears.


Add another staple Halloween decoration either inside or outside your home with a jack-o-lantern creation using Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark sets. The powerful ceramic magnets in the tiles connect with a distinctive “click,” so you know the connections are secure. The selection of squares and triangles can be put together to create round and square pumpkin structures, or lay them flat and make faces with the different triangle pieces. Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark magnetic shapes work with all other Magna-Tiles® construction sets, so your kids can experiment with a mixture of glow-in-the-dark and other colored pumpkins, as well.

Spark Spooky Creativity This Halloween

Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark magnetic building toys are a great way to decorate your home for Halloween and encourage your children’s creativity and learning. Our magnetic shapes make it easy to design fun and engaging activities while teaching and promoting subjects and skills, from color identification, fine motor skills, and teamwork to design, architecture, STEM concepts, and more. Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark sets also provide a unique opportunity to learn about other scientific concepts, including:

  • How the sun produces energy
  • Solar power
  • Concepts of night and day
  • Lessons on what light is and how it is created

Magna-Tiles® Glow in the Dark pieces need time to power up with UV rays before they can provide eye-catching illumination, but the included LED keychain light can be used to supercharge the tiles. Longer exposure to light results in a stronger glow, and children can conduct experiments to determine how long it takes to reach the desired brightness. To learn more about using Magna-Tiles® to decorate for Halloween or teach other concepts, contact us today, or visit our blog for more ideas.