Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten with Magna-Tiles®

Across the United States, countless school districts are grappling with the reality that many children are not educationally prepared to enter kindergarten and begin their journeys of learning. Fortunately, there are actions parents can take today that can position their children for success in kindergarten and beyond – one being investing in Magna-Tiles®. Here, we explain how our magnetic building block sets help young children learn about colors, numbers, shapes, and science, as well as tap into their creativity.

Screen-Free Learning Time

Educational apps and games may have their time and place, but solely relying on them to prepare your children for kindergarten is generally not recommended. To thrive in school, children must be exposed to core subject areas, like math and science, and vital spatial and tactile skills. By working Magna-Tiles® into your toddler’s playtime routine, you’ll foster imaginative, creative free play that not only cuts down on screen time but also accomplishes the following:

  • Exposes children to foundational science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles
  • Enables the use and development of fine motor skills, unlike online apps and games
  • Promotes the development of critical thinking skills as kids click each tile together
  • Inspires children to express their big ideas by building whatever they can dream

Endless Educational Activities

As evidenced by their prevalence in classrooms across the country, Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes can be utilized in countless ways to not only teach young children important concepts but also keep them entertained and having fun the entire time. For instance, you and the kids can get started by trying our downloadable Magna-Tiles® Number Cards and Magna-Tiles® ABC Cards activities, which can be paired with your child’s collection of Magna-Tiles® magnetic shapes and deliver hours of enjoyable learning. You can also find other activity ideas in the following areas – all of which can help your child prepare for starting kindergarten:

For even more ideas, check out Magna-Tiles™ Play Book: Inspiring Creativity, which features over 150 activities to try with your children. Those who’d like to learn more can sign up for a preview now.

Guided Lesson Plans from Magna-Tiles®

To help pre-K educators and parents alike equip toddlers with the basic skills and knowledge to succeed in kindergarten, grade school, and beyond, Magna-Tiles® offers a library of lesson plans that are focused on growth and development. This library includes:

Foster Your Child’s Success in Kindergarten with Magna-Tiles®

For more information about how our magnetic shapes can help prepare children for kindergarten, contact Magna-Tiles® today or browse our building sets online. Some of the most popular Magna-Tiles® sets for the pre-K age group include:

Have other questions about using Magna-Tiles® for play and learning? Visit our FAQ for answers, and visit our blog for even more inspiration and ideas.