Recreate Your Favorite Pop Culture Scene Using Magna-Tiles®

If your child is like most children, they always want the latest toys and games to go along with their latest pop culture interest, whether it involves a song, television show, or fictional character. With Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®, your child will have everything they need to recreate their favorite scenes over and over again – without you needing to purchase a new toy each time. Here, Magna-Tiles® explains how our magnetic shape toys encourage creativity and foster STEM learning when your children can’t stop talking about their latest fascination.

Hosting a Living Room or Backyard Concert

Most children have a favorite musical performer or artist. With a stage constructed out of Magna-Tiles®, your child will have the perfect music venue to perform all their favorite hits. A stage can be constructed using a combination of square and rectangular tiles, but for an extra flair to the show, incorporate a shiny disco ball made with sparkling stardust tiles.

Going Hollywood

From blockbuster movies to thrilling concerts, many of your children’s favorite stars call Southern California home. Give them a quick geography lesson by designing a Hollywood-inspired scene. For instance, no visit to Hollywood is complete without a shopping trip on Rodeo Drive. Recreate your favorite luxury shopping experience and construct a row of rainbow-colored boutiques with a Magna-Tiles® or Magna-Qubix® kids magnetic building set. Don’t forget to put up a Hollywood sign to capitalize on a great spelling exercise with your child with Magna-Tiles® Structures.

Depicting Castles, Dragons, Princesses, and More

It’s hard not to find medieval castles with moats and fire-breathing dragons in the stories your children read or watch on the big screen. Using the Magna-Tiles® Metropolis 110-Piece Set, your child can construct a castle that can withstand even a zombie apocalypse. Unique pieces to the set include stairs, windows, and even a spinner that can be used to raise or lower a bridge across your moat.

Enhancing Your Child’s Imagination – and STEM Learning

While your children work to describe the scenes they want to build and put their construction skills to the test, they’ll also be learning! Magna-Tiles® are the original magnetic building toys for kids where math, science, and creativity meet. In addition to being great for helping your child recreate their favorite pop culture scenes, by playing with Magna-Tiles® your child will also be practicing and developing important skills such as:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Shapes and colors
  • Problem-solving
  • Design and architecture
  • Symmetry
  • Fine motor skills
  • Magnetic principles
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Interpersonal skills and sharing
  • And more.

Order Your Set of Magna-Tiles® Today

With Magna-Tiles®, you won’t need to buy a new toy every time a new movie or game comes out – your child will already have all the tools they need to recreate their favorite pop culture scenes over and over again. If you would like more information about our products, please contact us today. Also, don’t forget to sign your child up to be a Magna-Maker™, where they can become a master builder.