Saying I Love You with a Magna-Tiles® Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This year, why not encourage creative ways to send a warm Valentine’s wish with our magnetic shapes? Designing a valentine is a great way to transform a traditional craft project into a learning opportunity. With a little help from colorful Magna-Tiles® magnetic building sets, you’ll find plenty of ways to celebrate the season of love.

Building a Magna-Tiles® Heart

Creating a simple Valentine’s heart with Magna-Tiles® offers an engaging activity for a wide range of ages. To get started, you’ll need:

  • Six square shapes
  • Eight right triangle shapes

Consider creating a template for kids who are still learning shapes. They can identify the right spot for each shape and name it as they make their Valentine. Older kids can puzzle out where the magnetic shapes should be placed or get creative by making more complex hearts with squares, triangles, and quarter circles. For a simple heart design, follow these steps:

  1. Create a row of four squares.
  2. Place two more squares beneath it.
  3. Top each of the squares in the top row with a right triangle. The right triangles should be placed back to back, forming an equilateral triangle.
  4. Position a right triangle next to each square in the second row.
  5. Form the bottom point of the heart with two more right

That’s it! With just a few tiles and a little creative thinking, your child can see how simple shapes come together to form more complex designs.

Build a Gift Box

Valentine’s Day fun can go beyond two dimensions with a Magna-Tiles® activity. By exploring 3D shapes and geometric concepts, children can build a gift box to give their present a special touch.

For this activity, you’ll need a variety of square shapes – the number will depend on the size of the cube you wish to build. To start simple, reach for six large squares. Because Magna-Tiles® are made with powerful ceramic magnets, they snap together easily to create all kinds of 3D shapes. As your child builds the cube, engage with them by:

  • Asking them to count its sides
  • Asking them to identify the shape’s name
  • Explaining the concept of a vertex, or the corners of the cube
  • Challenging them to form the cube with triangles instead of squares

You can complete the exercise once the cube is finished or help kids build all sorts of exciting 3D shapes. When they’re done, remove one tile to slip a thoughtful note and a sweet treat inside, and let them share their creation with a loved one.

Say it with Magna-Tiles®

Your Valentine’s Day activity can also focus on language skills. Thanks to a durable plastic surface, Magna-Tiles® may be marked with non-permanent ink for letter identification, sight words practice, and more. For this activity, you’ll need:

  • A selection of square shapes
  • A dry-erase marker or chalk marker
  • A flat surface

Write letters on each of the magnetic shapes. Children should have the selection needed to spell out common Valentine’s Day phrases, such as:

  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • I love you
  • Be mine
  • Hugs
  • Kisses
  • Best friends
  • And more…

Help kids build words and phrases, then practice sounding them out. At the end of the activity, they can spell out Happy Valentine’s Day for Mom or Dad to show off their hard work!

Help Children Love Learning

Make Valentine’s Day learning a little sweeter with help from Magna-Tiles® this year. There’s no telling what children will create with the power of imagination and our safe, strong, plastic magnetic shapes for kids. To learn more, explore Magna-Tiles® buildings sets or contact us today.