Simple Summer Builds With Magna-Tiles® & Magna-Qubix®

Whether it’s paints, colored pencils, crayons, or any other art supplies, children love to create. Art of any kind is one of the highest forms of self-expression, and you can foster this creativity in your home through play. While regular art supplies often suffice, there comes a time when their imaginations will quite literally jump off the page. When that does happen, giving your budding artists magnetic building blocks like Magna-Tiles® allows them to create interactive art projects all their own. Here are a few artistic ideas you can explore using Magna-Tiles®.

Roses and Other Flowers

In books, cartoons, and your own backyard, flowers are found just about everywhere. With thousands of different species all around the world, there are plenty of flowers to be drawn. Luckily, flowers are one of the easiest things to make with Magna-Qubix®. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1-2 rectangular prisms
  • 1-2 triangular prisms
  • 5 cubes
  • 1 hexagonal prism

Once you’ve collected your tiles, the setup is relatively simple. Place one to two rectangular prisms standing upright, depending on how tall you want your flower to be. Attach one to two triangular prisms to the sides to create leaves. Place one cube on top of the reactant prism(s), then stack the hexagonal prism on top of the cube. Finish adding your petals by attaching the remaining cubes around the outside of your hexagon. If this project appears to be too easy for your child, you can find other floral arrangements in the Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity.

A House with Special Pieces

This next build is based on a drawing you’ve likely seen on your refrigerator. Creating a house is another simple way to incorporate magnetic shapes into your artwork.

With the Magna-Tiles House 28-Piece Set, children can design and build their own magnetic tile homes again and again. This set includes special pieces and reusable silicone stickers to enhance playtime and expand build possibilities.

Make Your Own “Stained-Glass” Window

This final suggestion is less structured and more tailored to encourage your little ones to think outside the box. Find a rectangular container and fill it with all the tiles you have. Then, ask your child to make a design using the different tiles across your window or flat on the table. This stained glass project allows them to think critically about how the pieces can fit together and how the colors can lead to smaller designs within a larger structure. This puzzle-like art project allows them to work freely towards a specified goal: it’s not about finishing the “right way” so long as they work it out in their own way.

Find More Ideas for Innovative Art Projects

As your children get older they can express their creativity in a multitude of ways. Having access to some of the best magnetic building blocks makes it easier to bring those thoughts and ideas to life. To find more inspiration for arts and crafts, visit our Idea Gallery or contact us today.