Teaching Toddlers Colors with Magna-Tiles®

Becoming familiar with colors is a foundational skill for young children, as the world around us is a collection of different colors and patterns. By describing the colors of everyday objects, young children learn valuable skills like color identification and, in the process, familiarize themselves with a broad range of other learning concepts.

To help parents and educators alike teach colors to toddlers, Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® are the perfect resource. All of our products are available in a wide variety of colors, serving as the perfect tool for this priceless lesson. Here, Magna-Tiles® describes how our magnetic children’s toys can be used to teach children about colors.

Why Is It Important to Teach Toddlers about Colors?

Although most adults can name different shapes and colors without thinking, it is a much more cognitively complex task for a toddler. By teaching young children about colors, you establish an educational foundation from which they can grow – and Magna-Tiles® sets can play a huge part. Some important skills and concepts your child will practice when learning with our magnetic shapes include:

  • Classification

  • As children become familiar with different colors, they are able to group and classify objects by color (i.e. telling the difference between the football team wearing blue jerseys and the team wearing red jerseys).
  • Communication

  • When a toddler describes the colors of the objects around them, they are familiarizing themselves with new objects and broadening their vocabulary. By building a strong vocabulary, your child is improving their communication skills.
  • Safety

  • Colors are often used to communicate important information. For example, the color red is a universal sign for stop or danger. Colors can also give us warnings about our health, like associating red skin with sunburn.

How to Use Magna-Tiles® to Teach the Rainbow

Teaching children about colors is best done in a casual, low-pressure environment. Grab a set of Magna-Tiles® and create something together, or let your child create something on their own. Once they are done, ask your child to describe the colors of the tiles they used in their structure. You can even take it a step further and ask them to count how many of each color tile they used.

For children who are just starting to understand colors, start slow by showing them different colored tiles and telling them what color they are. After a while, lay two or three tiles on the ground and ask your child to point to a certain color. With this enjoyable approach, students will be excited to learn.

Featured Activity: Color Sorting with Magna-Tiles®

One of our most popular activities is Color Sorting with Magna-Tiles®, which is simple for children to grasp and a ton of fun! Simply take a set of Magna-Tiles® or Magna-Qubix®, spread the tiles out on your play-mat, and have your children sort the pieces into piles according to their color. Throughout, challenge them to name each color and shape, and then help them build single-color creations out of the magnetic shapes.

This straightforward activity can be adapted for any learning goal and even serves as a way to teach children about the four seasons. For example, as the leaves change during the fall, you can compare the orange, green, and red tiles to the foliage on display in your backyard. Or, after watching a holiday movie like Frozen, you can create an easy game by making blue, purple, and ICE boxes and giving children small items to sort by color in each.

Make Color Lessons Hands-On with Our Magnetic Shapes

Not all children learn the same way, and some retain information better by learning in a hands-on fashion as opposed to a screen or book. That’s why it’s so important to choose activities that can not only help toddlers identify colors but also help them develop tactile and spatial skills and thrive with STEM concepts. Our signature magnetic blocks for kids are available in vibrant, fog-free shades that won’t lose their luster over time, including clear colors, stardust, ice, and glow in the dark. To learn more, contact Magna-Tiles® today.