Using Magna-Tiles® On The Garage Door

When the sun’s out and the temperature’s just right, who wants to stay inside? Take your Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® to the garage door. Whether the kids are engaged in learning activities or simply letting their imaginations shine, our magnetic blocks are the perfect pigments for most any metal garage door canvas.

Give the Neighborhood A Show

Put a new spin on play by bringing your magnetic blocks outdoors. Moving to a fresh location means fresh perspectives, making those older collections feel like new. Magnetic blocks don’t come with instructions, so your child’s journey to rediscovery can take on many forms. Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Decorate your garage door for a birthday or special holiday
  • Host your own magnetic-tile art show for neighborhood friends
  • Set the stage for imaginative adventures with siblings
  • Create a 3-D backdrop for shadow puppets or action figures
  • Make targets for your foam dart blasters

Magna-Tiles® don’t have to be in your artwork — they can also hold your artwork. Using magnetic tiles and blocks, you can transform your garage door into a giant easel, securing the paper in place while your kids paint the things they love about the world around them.

Go Full STEAM Ahead

3-D shapes are just as easy to craft on vertical surfaces — all you need is a little imagination. Craft towering castles for your favorite play figures, and construct rocket ships that look launchpad-ready. Your little inventors can work solo or as a team to create one-of-a-kind structures and explore valuable STEAM concepts along the way.

If your lessons need a refresh, taking your homeschoolers to the garage door can be a win for everyone. You can teach your littles how to craft numbers and letters using Magna-Tiles®. Adding Magna-Qubix® into the mix makes it easy to teach counting, sorting, and equations. They also work well for creating:

  • Bar graphs
  • Tallies
  • Arrays
  • Hundreds charts
  • Fractions
  • And more…

Dive into engineering and physics concepts with older kids using Magna-Qubix® to make magnetic marble runs. They can experiment with different angles to see how it affects the marble’s speed and journey to the finish. Adventurous inventors can take their design to new heights to see if they can make the marble fly through the air on its way down.

Learning Through Play for the Littlest Ones

Tackling educational projects outside can make them even more appealing to youngsters. They’re learning in fun, new ways and getting in a little sunshine in a space that suits active kids with big imaginations. Magna-Tiles® are always great for strengthening fine-motor skills and learning:

  • Patterns
  • Primary colors
  • Color mixing
  • Shapes
  • And more…

Playing on the door is just like playing on the floor. No matter how your magnetic tiles are used, your little ones are learning and discovering the whole way through.

Let Your Imagination Do the Driving

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to keep your creative crew engaged. Explore an array of ways to decorate your new canvas in Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity or contact us to find the best magnetic playset for your project.

You can also follow us on social media to find inspiration from other Magna-Makers™ like yourself. For a chance to be featured on our page, showcase your child’s garage art with #magnatiles.