Using Scavenger Hunt To Find Materials That Attract Magnets

Having durable toys that can be used in a multitude of ways is one of the best investments you could make for your child. Building blocks are often the first things children play with, and the innate interest in building and creating follows many of us throughout our lives. Create a scavenger hunt with your collection of Magna-Tiles®. The powerful magnets inside each piece allow children to play with them on virtually any magnetic surface. This means, your scavenger hunt can take place just about anywhere you want to go. Here are a few surfaces you can use in your own Magna-Tiles® scavenger hunt.

Start Your Scavenger Hunt in the Kitchen

Can your child find the surfaces throughout the kitchen that Magna-Tiles® will stick to?  As any parent of a young child knows, basic home maintenance and day-to-day housework seemingly never ends. Thankfully, refrigerators are some of the best places for experimenting with Magna-Tiles®. This is perfect for when you’re making breakfast or throwing together dinner. As you take care of whatever needs to get done, your child can play safely nearby.

In this part of the scavenger hunt, you can lay a few tiles out on the surrounding surfaces, forming a trail that ultimately leads to the refrigerator. This trail should include non-magnetic surfaces, as well. When your child arrives at the fridge and tries it out, they can naturally begin to think critically about what is magnetic and what isn’t.

Take the Scavenger Hunt Outdoors

There are plenty of reasons you might find yourself outside. Be it gardening, washing, or painting, several things could have you outside for an entire weekend. And as many parents know, there are plenty of doors made out of metallic materials that are perfect for exploring magnetic concepts. As with the kitchen, you’ll want to place a few Magna-Tiles® near the flat surfaces around your yard. Then, ask your child if the tiles are going to stick. After a few tries on differing surfaces, point them to the areas that’ll work with your magnetic shapes, and watch them light up with excitement as their toys stay in place.

Host a Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Magna-Tiles® are great at home, but they also help make STEM learning fun in school. Through your scavenger hunt, teaching basic shapes, colors, math, and science projects just got easier and more engaging. The classroom is one of the best places to use Magna-Tiles® as you have access to magnetic whiteboards, metal file cabinets, and other applicable surfaces.

You can place your students into small groups and have them try attaching their Magna-Tiles® to different materials around the room. Provide them with a piece of paper that lists the predetermined surfaces around the room, and have them check “Yes” or “No,” depending on whether or not the tiles connect to each surface. When the scavenger hunt is complete, you can discuss the science behind magnetism with your students.

Discover Other Fun Ways to Use Your Magna-Tiles®

Make the most of the Magna-Tiles® in your playroom or classroom. Magnetic construction sets can be used as educational tools, incorporated into everyday play, and transformed into innovative tools that get kids thinking. Consult the Magna-Tiles® Play Book: Inspiring Creativity for more tips and tricks or contact Magna-Tiles® for more information.