Brooklyn Block Lab

Brooklyn Block Lab at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

April 5, 2014 – August 31, 2014

Magna-Tects, visit the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s new exhibit called the Brooklyn Block Lab! It is a 1,000 sq ft exhibit that parents, teachers, and children can attend to play and BUILD with four unique types of blocks:

  • Magna-Tiles by Valtech
  • Unit Blocks
  • Small Blocks by Imagination Playground
  • Kapla Blocks

The exhibit is designed to strengthen children’s developmental, social, and language skills through participatory block play, while encouraging caregiver engagement.

At Brooklyn Block Lab, children and families will design and experiment with different building blocks, creating imaginative structures, while stacking, sorting and talking with one another. Utilizing a curated selection of wood, foam and magnetic blocks, families and teachers will explore how children interact and speak during the building process. In this laboratory, museum educators will study the conversations and actions of children and families during block play experiences in informal educational settings, and children will be asked how they feel during block play. The Museum will document and report the findings of these experiences in an effort to strengthen block play in informal learning environments throughout the world.

We encourage Magna-Tects of all ages to visit the Brooklyn Children Museum and stop by the Brooklyn Block Lab for imaginative, constructive play! It is a wonderful opportunity to develop skills and have fun building with four different types of blocks!

Brooklyn Block Lab Visual Analysis

Brooklyn Block Lab Prototyping

Feel free to share photos of your Magna-Tiles Masterpieces with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by using #magnatiles and #BrooklynBlockLab.


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