Design and Architecture

Learning About Design & Architecture with Magna-Tiles®

Magna-Tiles® began as the vision of a Japanese math teacher who wanted to give his students a new and exciting way to learn geometry. Now, over 20 years later, parents, educators, and children are benefiting from the hands-on, interactive, and engaging educational opportunities made possible by our products. With Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® sets, there is no limit to what you can create or teach your students.

Our expertly crafted kids building magnets are the perfect tool to get children interested in STEM subjects and introduce them to the basics of design and architecture. With Magna-Tiles® products in your classroom or teaching setting, you can better help children understand and design and architecture concepts and put them into practice.

Magna-Tiles Tower

Exploring Design and Architecture through STEM-Approved Activities

If you leave a child alone with a set of Magna-Tiles®, there is no telling what they will create. From a sprawling metropolis to a row of rainbow homes, when your child creates a structure with Magna-Tiles®, they will be honing their design and architecture skills at the same time.


Not all children retain information in the same ways, so give your students the best chance for success by incorporating an analog learning activity from our library of educator resources into your lesson plan. Our featured design and architecture activity begins with the educator reading The Three Little Pigs to students. The students then engineer their own structures out of sticks, straws, and Magna-Tiles® before finding out which one is most structurally sound. For more engaging activities and inspiration, check out our idea gallery.

Magna-Tiles bus station

What Makes Magna-Tiles® Different?

Magna-Tiles® are the original magnetic building toys for kids that fuse math, science, and creativity. In addition to being a great tool for introducing children to the basics of design and architecture, Magna-Tiles® can also help children learn and develop a wide range of essential skills, including:



Whether you are teaching your students about math and geometry or looking for a screen-free entertainment option for your child, Magna-Tiles® has a product for you. Our magnetic building blocks for kids can be found in signature Clear Colors, Stardust, ICE, and even Glow in the Dark. All of our products are designed to be compatible and interchangeable, so you won’t have to worry about mixing tiles from multiple sets, and you can ensure all the kids in your class have an equal opportunity to learn.


Plus, you can place an order with confidence, as Magna-Tiles® makes safety a priority. All our products are crafted from high-quality, food-grade ABS plastic that’s BPA-free and contains no toxic substances, latex, or phthalates. Stainless steel rivets and sonic welding hold the magnets securely in place. During our more than 20 years in business, our products have never been the subject of a safety recall.

Bus driving along Magna-Tiles building set

Order Your Magna-Tiles® Magnetic Building Set Today

For young minds, play is a universal and powerful method of learning. With Magna-Tiles®, your child can have fun and learn about design and architecture at the same time. There are many knockoffs and imposters of our products, but there is only one original magnetic building set for kids – Magna-Tiles®. If you are interested in learning more about our products, or how playing with Magna-Tiles® can help kids learn about design and architecture, contact us today.

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