Magnetic Principles

Teaching Children about Magnetic Principles with Magna-Tiles®

Encouraging enthusiasm in kids towards science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is important. And at Magna-Tiles®, we believe that there’s no better way to develop that interest in your children or students than by a visual, tactile demonstration of the world’s powerful physical properties. Teaching children about magnetic principles with our magnetic building sets not only gives them a simple but useful skill, but it also plants within them the beginning of a lifelong appreciation for physics, engineering, and all forms of scientific inquiry.

Boy learning about magnetics while using Magna-Tiles on a metal chair

Experiencing the Power of Magnets

Magna-Tiles® satisfyingly “click” together to indicate a secure connection has been made. They use powerful and durable magnets so that they will always be connected firmly, no matter their orientation. But how? This question gives kids the perfect opportunity to explore how magnetic attraction and repulsion works, as well as a chance to learn about magnetic polarity.


For educators, we have a lesson plan that will help guide kids’ learning process and challenge them to think about the concepts they’ve learned. But not all learning needs to be structured – kids will learn about magnetism with each “click” as they develop and express their creativity with Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®.

Child playing with Magna-Tiles on a dishwasher

About Our Strong Ceramic and Neodymium Magnets

Magna-Qubix® shapes use the exact same principles of magnetism that Magna-Tiles® pieces work by. The only difference is that Magna-Qubix® shapes have been designed to work in three dimensions, using highly magnetic neodymium magnets to function. Like the traditional Magna-Tiles® sets, which feature heavy-duty ceramic magnets, Magna-Qubix® will always attach – no matter their orientation.


As kids learn about magnetic attraction and polarity, they’ll be able to observe how the neodymium magnets in Magna- Qubix® can move around to always “click” together and provide a strong connection. Meanwhile, because all of our products are compatible, they can see the difference between how the ceramic magnets of Magna-Tiles® shapes attach to another.


Other Benefits of Teaching Magnetic Concepts with Magna-Tiles®


All Magna-Tiles® sets foster creativity, spatial reasoning skills, and an interest in STEM topics. Importantly, the magnetic action of Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® serves as a great introduction to how the physical properties of things like magnets can be useful to us – especially when we have a goal we want to accomplish.


Using any Magna-Tiles® product, children can construct towers, bridges, animals, and other figures. While they use their creative skills, they’ll also be putting the physical properties of magnets to use. As kids learn and grow, they’ll use this introduction to STEM topics to dive into learning about physics, engineering, chemistry, architecture, and more.

Child playing with Magna-Tiles on heater vent

Foster a Better Understanding of Magnetic Principles Today

With Magna-Tiles® shapes, learning about magnetic principles is fun and easy, in addition to being a great stepping stone into the world of science and engineering. If you are on the search for a magnetic building set for children, Magna-Tiles® are the original magnetic building blocks for kids and have been designed for teaching them a variety of skills and principles – all while they have the time of their lives! We also offer ideas for building projects and constructions, plus resources for educators. To learn more, contact Magna-Tiles®.

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