Pattern Recognition

Recognizing and Understanding Patterns with Magna-Tiles®

Pattern recognition is an important early math skill that can improve brain development and activity. There is no better way to teach pattern recognition to your students or children than with a colorful, high-quality Magna-Tiles®, Magna-Tiles® Structures, or Magna-Qubix® kids magnet building set. With our unique magnetic toys, children learn to recognize shapes, create patterns, and build fine motor skills – which makes playing with Magna-Tiles® a highly STEM-friendly activity.

Thanksgiving pie made with Magna-Tiles

Promoting the Development of Pattern Recognition Skills

By participating in pattern recognition activities, young children increase their cognitive capacity for learning and aid in the development of their minds. By identifying, reproducing, and creating patterns, students practice valuable critical thinking skills in a non-traditional form, which can positively impact their development in a variety of unrelated areas, from writing to music.


When explaining geometric concepts to your students with Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®, you can easily display 2D shapes and patterns in many different orientations, as well as quickly convert a 3D shape into its 2D form – and back again. With Magna-Tiles®, your imagination is the only limit to what you can create! If you are in the mood to be inspired, check out our idea gallery, and don’t forget to consider signing your child up to be a Magna-Maker™.

Using Magna-Tiles to create patterns

More Benefits of Playing with Our Magnetic Toys

In addition to supporting healthy cognitive development and function of young minds, playing, or educating with Magna-Tiles® products can also benefit you and your children or students in a variety of ways including:


  • Encouraging interest in STEM topics
  • Reducing screen time
  • Inspiring creativity
  • Promoting teamwork and cooperation
  • Spending time as a family
  • Having fun while learning
  • Offering a differentiated learning experience
  • Increasing levels of student engagement


What’s more, all of our products are safe and have never been the subject of a safety recall in over 20 years in business. We manufacture our products using food-grade, ABS, BPA-free plastic that does not contain latex or phthalates, allowing them to withstand indoor and outdoor play for years to come. When you feel the force of our magnets and hear the distinctive “click” when joining two tiles together, you will understand that no other kids magnet set matches the signature quality of the original Magna-Tiles®.


Integrating Magna-Tiles® into Pattern Recognition Education

At Magna-Tiles®, we believe that every educator should have the tools they need to give all their students a high-quality education. That’s why we are always adding new teaching ideas and lesson plans to our plethora of educator resources. For instance, in our featured pattern recognition classroom activity plan, students gain an understanding of repeating patterns by creating different sequences with Magna-Tiles® and guessing which shape comes next in the sequence.


Begin Fostering STEM Learning and Pattern Recognition Today

If you are looking for magnetic building blocks for kids that will provide hours of screen-free entertainment and educational engagement, including the development of pattern recognition, look no further than Magna-Tiles®. Our innovative products inspire young minds and enable educators to do their job in a fun and dynamic fashion. If you would like more information about our products, or how Magna-Tiles® can be utilized to teach your children or students about pattern recognition, please contact us today.

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