Magna-Tiles + Generations Connect

Carolyn Stanish created an event called Generations Connect in the Philadelphia area. Their mission is to create joy, respect, and more smiles for elders through children and music.

Generations Connect

Each month, families and children of all ages gather at The Watermark Home to meet and spend time with a group of elders.  The older generation ranges in age from 91-100 years old! Together, they enjoy crafts, music, games, and activities while bringing meaningful interaction.

In later years in life, it may become difficult to stay connected as mental and physical capabilities change.  It is very valuable for young children to spend time and feel comfortable around their elders! It brings joy and happiness for older adults and the two generations learn from each other in different ways.

Generations Connect

One way that the two generations can interact is through Magna-Tiles! Building is simple and easy as the pieces “click” together.  Children demonstrate how to make shapes and tall towers.

Generations Connect

Elders are amazed and love to watch children work.

Generations Connect

They also like to create!

Generations Connect

Explore hands-on, constructive play at any age!  Magna-Tects learn social skills such as working together and sharing. Are there programs in your area that bring the young and older generations together? Does your family of Magna-Tects enjoy Magna-Tiles together at home?

Are you interested in starting or finding a similar program in your area? Learn more about Generations Connect below:

Visit: Facebook Page

Call: 215-627-1308

Email: [email protected]


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