Magna-Tiles® Turn 20 Years Old!

Happy Birthday Magna-Tiles®!

Magna-Tiles® are 20 years old

Magna-Tiles® were invented by a math teacher to teach children about shapes through play.

Popular around the world, Magna-Tects (Magna-Tiles® Architects) of all ages enjoy building with Magna-Tiles every day.

Magna-Tiles® are “where math, science, and creativity meet”!

Is that a Magna-Tiles birthday cake dancing under the sun?! Or a Magna-Tiles flying saucer in the sky?

We appreciate your continued support and 20 years of Magna-Tiles® play.

To celebrate, Valtech is offering the below specials on


  1. Get your Magna-Tiles® Magna-Tect T-Shirt today! Available for purchase 
  2. Get a Magna-Tiles® Imagination Book for Free with the purchase of any Magna-Tiles® 48 Piece Deluxe Set.
    Use coupon code “MTBOOK”
  3. Magna-Tiles® Mix 112 Piece Set: 56 Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors and 56 Magna-Tiles® Solid Colors Shop Now 

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