Elementary School

With Magna-Tiles® shapes and Magna-Qubix® magnetic blocks, kids are building more than just towers and castles — they’re bridging the gap between play and education. Our magnetic toys offer a variety of opportunities to teach the basics to youngsters and reinforce advanced concepts in older kids, such as:

Learning shapes with Magna-Qubix

First and Second Grades (Ages 6-7)

With strong pre-literacy and early mathematical skills, children are ready to explore more advanced concepts – and eager to do so! The following activities help build on existing abilities and encourage further development:


Learning math with Magna-Qubix

Third Grade (Age 8)

This is an important time for STEM learning, as more complex math skills are typically formed at this age. Challenge kids to hone their math abilities with these activities:


  • Continue activities that encourage money counting and making change.
  • Explore more complex addition and subtraction problems with magnetic shapes for visual aids as needed.
  • Begin simple multiplication and division with fact families.
  • Create word problems or number sentences and solve with magnetic shapes.

Learning shapes with Magna-Qubix

Fourth and Fifth Grade (Ages 9-10)

At this age, mathematical and scientific concepts become applicable to real-world issues. Kids are eager to see how the ideas they study in school can solve problems and explain ideas in their everyday lives. You can support this learning with these activities:


  • Explain how math concepts like addition, subtraction, and multiplication affect their builds, such as making twice as many towers or cutting the length of a road in half.
  • Challenge kids to solve problems in more than one way.
  • Demonstrate fractions and decimals with magnetic tiles.
  • Ask children to estimate how many shapes they need to complete a design.
  • Use magnetic blocks to make visual less-than and greater-than comparisons.


Find Your Inner Builder Today

Elementary school teachers and other educators love Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® for open play and guided activities in the classroom. At the same time, our magnetic building toys are perfect for at-home use. From casual activities to imaginative play, there’s no limit to all the ways Magna-Makers™ can learn, grow, and have fun in any environment. Discovery is part of the adventure. Get the magnetic building toys your elementary school builders need to fuel their big imaginations.

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