Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten with Magna-Tiles®

Is your child prepared for kindergarten? This week, ABC7 cited a report from the Illinois Board of Education that found less than a quarter of Illinois children were fully prepared to enter kindergarten last year. Students were evaluated by their teachers for the first 40 days of school for social and emotional development, reading and language skills, and math skills. Only 24% of the students studied were prepared in all three areas.

Not only did the ABC7 report catch our eye because footage of Magna-Tiles® was used, but it also reminded us the importance of encouraging children to engage in imaginative, educational free play. By avoiding time on screens and instead focusing on toys that boost math, science, spatial and tactile skills, we can help better prepare our children for school!

There are endless opportunities when it comes to using Magna-Tiles® as an educational toy. With Magna-Tiles®, children are not only tapping into their creativity, but they are learning about colors, numbers, shapes and science. And as kids stack, build and “click” together their creations, they are developing their fine motor skills too.

For all these reasons, we’re introducing lesson plans for parents and educators that make it even easier to use Magna-Tiles® at home or in the classroom to foster growth and development. Click here to download our first lesson plan that teaches young children how to describe the position of objects in an environment (Common Core Objective K.G.A.1).

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As believers in the power of math and science fused with creativity, we know “If you can click it, you can create it!” Click HERE to shop all Magna-Tiles® products, including our brand-new sets.

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