Are Magna-Tiles® safe?
Yes, the magnets are securely held in place within the tiles. They meet and exceed all applicable safety standards.
What kind of plastic is used to make Magna-Tiles®?
Magna-Tiles® are made with a high grade ABS (BPA FREE) plastic.

Magna-Tiles® are free of phthalates and latex.
Magna-Tiles® do not contain any toxic materials.
What age are Magna-Tile® designed for?
Magna-Tiles® are for ages 3 and up.

Ordering Information / Where to Buy

Where can I purchase Magna-Tiles® in the US?
Magna-Tiles® are available from toy stores, educational shops, and school supply companies. Please use our store locator to shop local and be sure to call ahead for store hours and product availability!

Magna-Tiles® can also be found at all Target and Barnes & Noble retail locations.

Online, you can purchase Magna-Tiles direct from, one of our authorized Magna-Tiles retailers, or the official Valtech Magna-Tiles Amazon Storefront.
Where can I purchase Magna-Tiles® outside of the US?
Magna-Tiles® are available all around the world!

Visit the "Where to Buy" page that can be found at the footer of the website for detailed information.


Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes, Valtech accepts Purchase Orders by telephone (708-246-7209), fax (708-246-4548) or email (shop(at)

We will reply to confirm receipt.
Orders over 60.00 receive free UPS ground shipping.
We can reply with our W-9 Form.
Ask us for our Educator's Discount!

Use & Care

How do I take care of my Magna-Tiles®?
Magna-Tiles® are made of plastic and like any other toy can be damaged with excessive force or rough play. Be kind to your Magna-Tiles®! Do not kick, step on, or throw Magna-Tiles® pieces.
What if my Magna-Tiles® get dirty?
We recommend cleaning Magna-Tiles® with a damp cloth or wipe. Do not submerge Magna-Tiles® pieces under water. If water does get inside of Magna-Tiles® pieces, we recommend standing them up against a wall and allowing them to dry and drain out.
Is there an instruction guide?
Magna-Tiles® include some ideas and activities to get started. Magna-Tiles® are an open-ended, imagination fueled construction set.

Find more ideas/activities on the Magna-Tiles® Blog and Idea Gallery.

Imagination and experimentation are the best guides! Allow children plenty of free time to explore and be curious when first introduced to Magna-Tiles®.


What are Magna-Tiles®?
Magna-Tiles® are 3-D Magnetic Building and Design Tiles. They were invented by a Japanese math teacher to teach children about shapes through play!

The secret is their unique ability to attract. They always connect! Even when flipped.
Who is a Magna-Tect?
Magna-Tect = Magna-Tiles® Architect

A Magna-Tect is a person who designs and builds with Magna-Tiles®

To imagine, visualize, and construct with Magna-Tiles®


What are Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors?
Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors are translucent and brightly colored! Light shines through shapes like stained glass.
What are Magna-Tiles® Solid Colors?
Magna-Tiles® Solid Colors are opaque and have 2 colors per tile! Magna-Tects can "hide" something inside of a cube/box that they make.
What is Magna-Tiles® ICE?
Magna-Tiles® ICE are transparent and colorless! Make windows or ICE Castles.
What is Magna-Tiles® Frost?
Magna-Tiles® Frost colors are translucent - you can see through them! One side is a white glaze color, the other is colorful (red, blue, pink. yellow, orange...)!

Set Sizes

What is the difference between Magna-Tiles® DX and the 32 Piece/100 Piece Sets?
Magna-Tiles® 48 Piece Deluxe Set includes special shapes including an arch, wheeled chassis, imagination pieces, a door frame, and magnetic hinged door.

These are included only in the 48 Piece DX Set. The 48 Piece DX Set is available in Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors style or Magna-Tiles® Solid Colors style.
Which set do you recommend for a 3 year-old?
Magna-Tiles 32 Piece Set is the perfect starter set for any age Magna-Tect! It is enough pieces to begin, learn about shapes, and start building!
Which set do you recommend for a family or classroom?
Magna-Tiles 100 Piece Set is the best value, and intended for a family or classroom to share.
Which set do you recommend as a gift?
Magna-Tiles 48 Piece Deluxe Set is a great gift! It includes special pieces like an arch, wheeled chassis, imagination pieces, door and door frame that are exclusive to this set.

It is fun for Magna-Tects to add accessories to their Magna-Tiles collection and expand their imagination!

Magna-Tiles Basics

How big are Magna-Tiles®?
Each Magna-Tiles® shape has a base measurement of 3 inches.
One small square measures 3 x 3 inches.
Each side of the equilateral triangle measures 3 inches.
One large square measures 6 x 6 inches.
All shapes and products are compatible!
Are all Magna-Tiles sets compatible?
Yes, all Magna-Tiles Sets and Styles are compatible and each set includes the same size squares and triangles.
What shapes are included in a set of Magna-Tiles?
Every set of Magna-Tiles includes:

Small Squares
Equilateral Triangles
Right Triangles
Isosceles Triangles
Large Squares
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