Celebrating Engineers Week with Henry Hillstrom, Mechanical Engineer

Meet Henry Hillstrom, Mechanical Engineer

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MAGNA-TILES & AdoptAClassroom.org: The Magic of Meaningful Play 

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Spring Builds

2D Dinosaur Builds

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MAGNA-TILES & AdoptAClassroom.org: Making a Meaningful Impact 

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2D Fall Builds

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Meijer and MAGNA-TILES – Two Family Companies with a Shared Purpose

Boy Playing with Downhill Duo Set. TOTY Winner

We’re TOTY-ly Thrilled About Downhill Duo!

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Alphabet Cards

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Number Cards

The Power of Meaningful Play with MAGNA-TILES Sets-1-1200x740

The Power of Meaningful Play with MAGNA-TILES Sets

Why Are MAGNA-TILES So Expensive_

Why Are MAGNA-TILES So Expensive?

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Fine Motor Play

4 Reasons to Choose Open-Ended Toys-3-1200x740

What Are the Benefits of Open-Ended Toys?

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The Power of 100 Backpacks-Table1-1200x740

The Power of 100 Backpacks

Building Community Through Meaningful Play-1200x740

Building Community Through Meaningful Play

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Coloring Page

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Name Plate

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Lesson Plans

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DIY Valentines

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