From Valtech, the creators of the original magnetic toys for kids, have expanded the Magna-Tiles® family with a 3D approach to playtime and STEM learning! Magna-Qubix® sets feature an array of colorful prisms, cubes, and pyramids that are loved everywhere by children ages three and up.

Trusted by parents and educators alike, Magna-Qubix® magnetic shapes are non-toxic, highly durable, and won’t lose their luster over years of energetic, instruction-free play.

Magna-Qubix® Magnetic Building Sets

With all tiles measuring about 1 in. by 1 in., Magna-Qubix® magnetic building sets keep children entertained for hours as they bring their favorite movie scenes, fictional characters, and objects to life – in 3D!

While they bring their imaginations to life by “clicking” tiles together, they’ll also have the chance to improve their knowledge of colors and shapes, begin to understand math and science, and work on spatial and tactile skills.

The entire Magna-Qubix® line is compatible with all other Magna-Tiles® sets and includes the following:

Magna-Qubix® 19-Piece Set

The perfect addition to any Magna-Tiles® collection, this set consists of the basics children need to take their designs to the next level, including square pyramids, cubes, and triangular, hexagonal, and rectangular prisms.

Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set

This set builds upon the 19-piece version by including more of the dazzling shapes that children love to use in conjunction with their existing Magna-Tiles® or alone to yield unique structures.

Magna-Qubix® 85-Piece Set

Infinitely extend your child’s creative potential with the Magna-Qubix® 85-Piece Set, which comes complete with even more pyramids, prisms, and cubes in vibrantly brilliant colors.

Accessories for Magna-Qubix® Sets

Round out your Magna-Qubix® collection with popular accessories from Magna-Tiles®. From finding a great gift for the Magna-Tiles® fanatics in your family to making storage easier and exploring new ideas, you can enhance your Magna-Qubix® purchase with any of the following:

Magna-Tiles® Storage Bin & Interactive Play-Mat

When folded, this two-in-one solution serves as a storage bin that holds up to 300 Magna-Qubix® or Magna-Tiles® pieces, coming complete with sturdy handles that makes it easily portable. During playtime, expand it out on the floor, where it provides a durable, easy-to-clean play-mat for your child.

Magna-Tiles™ Play Book: Inspiring Creativity

Containing over 150 ideas for activities and more, Magna-Tiles™ Play Book: Inspiring Creativity is the key to effective, STEM-based creative opportunities when using Magna-Qubix® and Magna-Tiles® sets. To learn more about what it has to offer, sign up now.

Other Magna-Tiles® Sets

Complement your Magna-Qubix® purchase with another Magna-Tiles® set, or explore even more possibilities with Magna-Tiles® Structures.

Why Choose Magna-Qubix® Building Sets from Magna-Tiles®?

Using a press-sealing process for ultimate durability, Magna-Qubix® sets are comprised of food-grade ABS plastic, free of any BPA, phthalates, and latex. Aside from being completely non-toxic and safe for children to play with, they also withstand years of energetic play with resistance to dents, scratches, fading, and more. The strong neodymium magnets attached to each tile enable strong, long-lasting connections between pieces, allowing creations to stay in-tact and be used in your child’s other favorite activities.

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