Classic 37-Piece Set



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The original, Classic sets started it all. The Classic 37-Piece Set is the perfect introduction to Magna-Tiles® and includes vibrant-colored squares and triangles — all the classic magnetic shapes that make building amazingly versatile and fun.

  • Popular starter set for young children with inquisitive minds
  • Grows with your children while encouraging screen-free, STEAM learning through play
  • Features classic geometric shapes for endless open-ended play
  • Develops kids’ creative thinking while also developing language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills


What's inside?

  • 2 Classic XL Squares
  • 18 Classic Small Squares
  • 7 Classic Equilateral Triangles
  • 6 Classic Right Triangles
  • 4 Classic Isosceles Triangles
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 2.5 × 10 in
Suggested Age

3-99 Years

Made In

China or Indonesia

Item Number 14837
UPC 6 31291 14837 1
Classic 37-Piece Set BOP

Learn shapes, colors, matching, and basic building skills by including the magnetic tiles in your activities and experiments.
  • Just right for boy and girls ages 3+
  • Fully compatible with and complementary to all Magna-Tiles® sets
  • Made from only the good stuff, none of the icky stuff (we only use food-grade ABS plastic that’s free from BPAs, phthalates, and latex)
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