The ORIGINAL Magnetic Building Sets

Valtech LLC, the maker of Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix® magnetic building sets, is a family-owned company located outside of Chicago, IL. Magna-Tiles® were invented by a Japanese mathematics teacher who wanted to create a better hands-on experience when learning geometric concepts in school and at home. In 1997, Valtech introduced Magna-Tiles® magnetic building tiles to the US with the goal of building an interest in STEM subjects and inspiring the next generation of lifelong makers, creators and learners!

Imaginative play meets math and science.

Valtech is always looking for new ways to engage children of all ages. That’s why they’ve continued to introduce new products, including the launch of Magna-Qubix® magnetic building blocks in 2018. Valtech looks forward to continuing to bring math, science and creativity to kids across the country and beyond!

Where creativity “clicks”.

Each “Magna-Click” of our durable magnetic building tiles and cubes sparks creativity in children of all ages. The secret to the power of the “click”? All Magna-Tiles® shapes have a unique ability to always attract, even when tiles are flipped. That means anything children can dream, they can build!

Magna-Makers™ are able to learn and develop vital skills during playtime! Magna-Tiles® and Magna-Qubix®…

Develop fine motor skills as children stack, build and “click” together their creations
Make learning fun by engaging young minds through imaginative play
Foster teamwork and collaboration among children
Spark hours of free play, reducing screen time
Embrace and discover STEM subjects

Praise for Magna-Tiles® from Educators and Parents

“We have had Magna-Tiles® in our home for two years. First, the boys learned the names of the triangles, but they have recently noticed the different angles on the insides and we have been measuring the angles. Great way to introduce some elements of geometry while still playing.” – Zolynne S. of Penticton, BC

“We use Magna-Tiles® in the classroom and at home to teach basic concepts of shapes, colors, math, physics, architecture, design and much more. Magna-Tiles® allow me to facilitate my son’s and students’ creativity in learning not only basic concepts but more advanced math, science and literacy skills. Magna-Tiles® leads to creative play for children that helps them learn while having fun! Magna-Tiles® are a valuable teaching tool inside and outside of the classroom!” – Robin V. of Cedar Falls, IA

“We use Magna-Tiles® in many ways – I love to keep them on the fridge for the kids to create shapes and designs while I fix dinner. We also love to sit down and trace the Magna-Tiles® onto paper to create ‘puzzles’ for our daughter!” – Jessica J. of Navarre, FL

“I love Magna-Tiles®, we had them at my college laboratory preschool and I would love to have them in my preschool classroom as well. They are so great for constructing, creativity, learning colors, and imaginative play. These could be used for so many different lessons, construction, colors, art, science, building, etc. the list goes on and on.” – Nichole L. of Grand Rapids, MI

“My son loves to build complex structures using Magna-Tiles® at his daycare. He appreciates how the pieces hold together and do not tip over easily like his other blocks. We find this has strengthened his ability to understand how objects support themselves and the starting foundation of engineering his creations to not only look beautiful but also to be robust!” – Luanne J. of Blenheim, ON

“A new toy I’m crazy about and plan to add more to is Magna-Qubix®. The kids got them as a birthday present and literally spent the entire next day playing with them.  They made a sun, star, computer, wheelchair, car, cell phones with pop sockets, bed, house, and monkey bars.” – Jenny T

“My preschool twins LOVE Magna-Tiles®! They create patterns, experience physics, and sort colors. They love to plan and build houses and spaceships for lots of pretend play. They even counted all 100 pieces the other day!” – Lisa K. of Hiawatha, IA

“We love Magna-Tiles®! With an inquisitive preschooler in the house, we are always answering questions…love incorporating physical elements in our answers! Magna-Tiles® are a great way for us to use shapes to creatively build/show/touch shapes, math, science…our latest creation was building leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick’s Day to help answer the age-old question of ‘how do you catch a leprechaun?’” – Rachel D. of Portland, OR

“Magna-Qubix® are one of the most played with toys in our house. Our 5-year-old, 9-year-old, and even 11-year-old end up building with these. They make the most imaginative things with the blocks. Of all of the tons of toys we have, the magnetic blocks in general are definitely the most valuable.” – Tricia of Lafayette, LA

“My four year old loves to play with Magna-Tiles® at daycare. He invented a game where the children build different shaped structures and then simulate ‘earthquakes’ to see what kind of structures stand up to the earthquakes and which ones fall down. It’s teaching him math and science, all while having fun!” – Gemma M. of Wexford, PA

“My son loves to use his Magna-Tiles® to build 3D structures. He has made computers and scanners for imaginative play, he makes boxes to hold things, and his favorite is to build skyscrapers and high rise hotels. As he learns math concepts in school, I see him using Magna-Tiles® to aid his understanding, particularly with geometric concepts. His Magna-Tiles® are his most played with toy, even over his Legos!” – Diane S. of Willow Grove, PA

“My grandchildren use Magna-Tiles® to create various designs and structures and enjoy them. It’s fun to watch them express their imagination through the use of Magna-Tiles®!” – Mary M. of Eugene, OR

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